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    Straps? BlackRapid Metro vs. Cross Shot?

    Hi everyone. I went to the camera store to pick up a new strap for my Canon T5i. I wanted a longer length strap because I hate how the kit strap just hangs off your neck and you can't get your arm up through it. I wanted to get the BlackRapid Cross Shot in black. The camera store only had it...
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    New to RAW/Lightroom

    My advice to you is to start collecting presets. There are many people who give away free presets and you can get some pretty cheap preset packs. So when you start to edit an image, just click on a bunch of presets until you find one that you like. Then you can make adjustments from there...
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    Power Supplements & Creature Comforts

    Amazing picture. I love the red vehicles. Protect and serve indeed.
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    Help with First Lens Upgrade

    I got a T5i on boxing day. I got a package that came with the 18-55 but also a 55-250. I also recently purchased a 50mm f1.8 STM lens. I love my new "nifty fifty" lens. It's great for portraits. The 1.8 is almost a bit too much and I'll probably shoot it at 2.8 from now on unless I need the...
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    Dog Park Photos (C&C Welcome) - 12 photos

    I tried a few re-edits and added 2 more.
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    Dog Park Photos (C&C Welcome) - 12 photos

    Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, there was not much colour to work with today. My dog is pretty much all white. Overcast winter sky (just solid grey). The ground was a mix of snow, dirt, and dull looking grass. There were a few brown trees (no leaves). Winter in Canada can look pretty...
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    Dog Park Photos (C&C Welcome) - 12 photos

    I took my dog to the dog park for the first time this afternoon. He's a 7.5 month old White German Shepherd. I took quite a few photos and these were the best 12 that I came up with. It was tough for me to get a lot of nice photos because the dog was so active. I'm new to photography and I want...
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    A few beginner photos..

    I like the first one. It looks like the yellow on the wall got onto the bike!
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    Should a set of pictures (portraits) all look the same?

    I'm new to photography, but I enjoy editing photos in lightroom and giving each picture a unique look. Sometimes I give photos a vintage look, or a matt finish, or an HDR look, or black and white, or whatever I think fits that particular image. However, I see a lot of professional photographers...
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    Jamaica Vacation Photos

    That's possible. There were also a lot of crabs around that were pretty big who may have been responsible.
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    Jamaica Vacation Photos

    Is this the same cat from your second picture? I took this picture in August 2015 at Couples Swept Away
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    Jamaica Trip

    I went to Couples Swept Away in Jamaica in August of 2015. I took the following pictures with an old Nikon D40 that my mother gave me after she upgraded to a better camera. I took all the photos on automatic and in jpeg. A few weeks ago, I got a Canon T5i and I'm now shooting in manual and in...
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    First camera

    I got my first real DSLR few weeks ago. I got a Canon T5i that came with an 18-55 and a 55-250, a bag, and an extra battery (all for $700 Canadian plus tax). I'm very happy with my purchase. I went with Canon because they're a bit easier to learn on than a Nikon mainly because you can see the...
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    What camera accessories (hardware) should I buy next?

    So I've been doing a bit of research... and I would love to get a Canon 430exII, but I can't find a good deal on one right now and they're kind of expensive (especially since our Canadian dollar is so weak right now). But I found a good deal on a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II for $90 Canadian. So I think...