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    woahhh blast from the past except everything/one is different

    woahhh blast from the past except everything/one is different
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    wow this place is different, anybody who remembers me or wonders what im up to, check the links...

    wow this place is different, anybody who remembers me or wonders what im up to, check the links under ¨homepage¨and ¨blog¨ xx
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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    Really? I'm a 5'10 girl and had it up to my head all the time, I was crammed in the busy street, not sure you guys really get how close everyone is to eachother at this market. Maybe the creeper in you senses that? :P Jokes, anyway, thanks, more to learn I suppose. I'm used to directing models...
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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    I don't do Pinterest but thanks, I was drawn in by the hair so at least that much got across. :)
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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    Oh, I miscounted! The thing was that I saw this girl's bow from afar and ran from where I was and back into the congested crowd to follow her and then this huge fat guy was in front of me so I couldn't even get a decent photo of her bow from behind I got frustrated and skipped all of them but...
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    DC Restaurants - When I eat, I shoot.

    I loled at the studio comment, I should've said that to a reply I got on my thread, heh. Anyway, the first two are just a bit too contrasty for my taste.
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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    Well they are candids, but believe me I was this close to pushing him out of the way but it appeared to be her bf. Blocking my view haha but thanks for your opinion. :) Can't tell people to move in an open market heh but I agree, if we were in a perfect world. Also what friend are you talking...
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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    done :)
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    What does everyone shoot with?

    Aw boo. All the gun jokes have been said :( i shoot film with my Konica auto reflex tc and 50 1.7 and just purchased my first dslr. The 5d mark iii, ^.^
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    What is your favorite prime lens?

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    What is your favorite prime lens?

    Like everything I like..probably the most expensive. :c The 3 Ls: 50, 85, 35. :hail: just noticed this is the nikon forum :|
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    Film SLR vs DSLR

    My whole portfolio is of film, but my favorite thing about shooting film is color balancing and printing (darkroom) by myself. However, unless you're a college/uni student with access to a darkroom lab, it's harder trying to find a quality place to develop/print. It's like a high, shooting, I...
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    Tibetan monks passing square in European city of culture 2012

    I like the conceptual view of this photo, but it only works because you mentioned that they are tibetan monks otherwise..I wouldn't feel this way. I like the ghostly capture of them, they're more spirit-like than human and this is cool because they believe that we are spiritual beings having a...
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    Hello, From Germany or Brazil

    Oi (: Bem-vindo
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    If your name is not on the list your not coming in

    Ive only been on the laptop last night, it's not mine at that. I haven't posted any lately for C&C for the simple fact that I haven't shot lately. I actually before posting was thinking maybe it was the monitor, already said disregard my comment on that. I stopped coming here because it became...