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    morning on the mountain

    Thank you.
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    morning on the mountain

    Thanks for helping. With my unsteady hands maybe I should just leave it at 400 all the time, lol.
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    morning on the mountain

    Thanks for the info and taking the time to comment. Grain doesn't bother me so I don't know why I always try to keep the iso so low.
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    Eye Test Required

    Now THAT is funny! Maybe he is a member of TPF and wants to critique your photos.
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    morning on the mountain

    No tripod. Shutter speed 1/90, iso 100, 250mm, f/5.6. Kit lens, and I'm not the steadiest at handheld shots. It's also heavily cropped.
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    Old lady near butcher shop

    The photo has an immediate effect on you. And the framing is perfect. I think the photo is dark as well but if it were lighter, you would be paying too much attention to the other people and not the lady herself. I really like this one.
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    morning on the mountain

    We went to visit my parents over the weekend and we always stop on top of the mountain for a break. The sun was shining through the pines. It was Black Friday and I knew it was the last peaceful moment of the day. I forgot the tripod so I did the best I could handheld. C&C welcome. morning on...
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    fire in the sky by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr
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    off the rail by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr
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    Obeying Traffic Laws...

    He's smarter than some people.
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    the lake bed

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    the lake bed

    Thank you.
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    the lake bed

    No swimming areas here. It's just pretty much just a marsh now on the one side. The other side is mostly dry but marked as an active construction zone and KEEP OUT signs everywhere! I am assuming the trails around the lake are still open but they are posted for goose hunting. I will explore more...
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    the lake bed

    The dam where I take many of my photos is being replaced. One side of the lake bed is dry except for a small stream of water. The other side has about 6 inches of water but is overrun with loosestrife. Construction is going to take about 2 years. I am not sure what will happen to all the...
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    2 more BIF - just for fun

    It's an adrenaline rush! And they never fly where you want them to, lol. At least you got more than just a butt shot!