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    Shooting My Wife Shooting

    I like it!!!
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    Amanita on ice

    "COOL" picture.
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    Educational topics - Feeder Birds

    What focus point are you using? Try the center point focus point and aim for the eyes. Photos are looking good.
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    Nice Cappy. We used to have one on the farm/zoo I worked on.
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    love the first one
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    Tufted Titmouse...

    great shots
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    Latest trip to the nature center

    really love the second shot.
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    very nice
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    1st pics with my new camera

    thank you jwellman I have always loved the chickadees and tuffted titmouses.
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    1st pics with my new camera

    I live in Fitchburg not that far away.
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    1st pics with my new camera

    Just the usual cards, downey and red woodpeckers, juncos, the standard whatever shows up at my feeders. Where in mass are you from?
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    1st pics with my new camera

    Thanks they were sharper but seemed to soften when I uploaded them don't know why.