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    Is a 6D the = of the Nikon D600?

    Of greater importance is which brand makes the lenses and other accessories (flash systems, etc.) you're likely to want, and which camera has the features you'll need.
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    Local band

    I shot a local band, and the bar was using those horrible LED lights, so the white balance was all over the place. Converting them to black and white looked much better. 3175_small_bw-2 by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr 2763_bw_small by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr 2047_bw_sm by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr
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    Various Herons

    Here are a few recent bird shots. C&C always welcome. 1. Snowy Egret Snowy Egret, 11x14 by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr 2. Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron, 8x12 by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr 3. Snowy Egret Snowy Egret, re-edited by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr 4. Little Blue Heron Little Blue...
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    Classic car get-together

    The annual "Cruisin' the Coast" is underway on the MS gulf coast. Here are some shots I've taken over the last few days. Muscle Car by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Hot Rod by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Hot Rod by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Hot Rod by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Hot Rod by...
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    If you could only choose 3 lenses.... Canon ef mount

    If I could have only three lenses: EF 300mm f/2.8L II EF 500mm f/4L II EF 800mm f/5.6L
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    Good Budget Telephoto lens ?

    I bought a 55-250 from Amazon and sent it back within a week. Then bought a Tamron 70-300 VC (Model A005). It was 10 times the lens that the 55-250 was.
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    Is it worth it to get a L glass lens with a 550D?

    When I dumped my 55-250 for the 70-200 IS II, it was like getting a whole new camera, so I now have the patience to wait for the 7D's replacement.
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    No Ones Talking About the Canon 6D yet???

    Let me know when the 1D MkIV MkII is released.
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    Osprey Quest - Day 7.... Winner?

    Excellent shots of the Osprey. Not so flattering shots of the fish.:)
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    A few recent shots

    Thanx for the comments, everybody. I think the egret has a small crab.
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    A few recent shots

    Here's some of the better shots I've taken in the last week or so. C&C always welcome. Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, 8x10 by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, soaking up some sun. by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Snowy Egret by ScubaDude1960, on Flickr Red-Tailed Hawk by...
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    Hi, I'm Ron and I have GES!!!!

    I thought my GES was cured when I bought my two L's. Now I'm drooling for a 500mm f/4. As soon as my car is paid off..........
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    newbie question.

    Here's a comparison between the two. Go for the Canon. At the long end, the IQ is vastly superior. And it takes Canon's extenders well if you need more reach.
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    Finally got him

    Excellent shot. Overcast skies are tough. I did a quick (and very sloppy) edit. First I copied just the sky to a new layer, and then darkened it and added some blue and cyan. Then I added a little contrast to the bird. With some patience (and the original file to work from) you could probably...