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    D70 at night

    Thanks for the comments. These pictures were taken in my community recreation area.
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    some pics/need advice

    What kind of camera are you using?
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    Difficult model

    Bribe em.
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    Illegal alien hideout?

    lol surprised me there for a second. That thing looks like the perspective of people on aliens and their ships from 60's and 70's.
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    D70 at night

    Took my D70 out the other night for some photography. These are straight from the camera with the except of the third one which was obviously converted to Sepia. C&C welcome! 1 2 3 4 5
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    Tasman Bridge

    They look a little soft to me.
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    Critique please

    Ok then, I think it's an absolutely horrible photograph! lol jk. I actually really like it. For me, it draws all of my attention to the subject in the bottom left hand corner, which is obviously the bench. I also look at the tree as well. I do agree though that there is nothing really going on...
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    Stunning HK night scene

    Wow amazing pictures! What kind of camera?
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    Nikon D70

    Any lenses?
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    A few abstract photos

    Great pics, and I'm especially digging the last one. Really makes you wonder what it is. What is the last picture of btw?
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    Another beach shot.

    Like the colors, but I don't like how it's composed, not fond of the horizon being smack dab in the middle. Needs more sand and less sky.
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    ISO settings...

    ISO settings are really only needed based on the amount of light that is given to you in a certain situation. For example if you're shooting in a well lit condition like outdoors on a sunny day, ISO 200 would be ideal, but if you're shooting in a very low light condition where you can't use a...
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    long exposures

    I don't see why it would hurt your sensor.
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    Funeral Home Sign