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    Water in Rocky Mountain National Park

    Wow Mr. Leber, wunderbar! My fave is the second, thanks for sharing...
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    Industrial Decay

    Nice technics! I like it, especially number 1! The idea in picture 2 and 3 is very creative. Good job...
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    1st senior portrait job...

    Numer 3 and 4 are very good! She, or some of you, seems to be a hairdresser, right???
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    still at it!

    Nice pics, like always ;) Number 3,4 and 10 are my faves...
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    20.000 boah :hail::hail::hail: And such a nice picture btw... mfG Sebastian
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    This is my grandma, she is 78 years old and myself. My grandma likes to ride with me, so we did :D
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    Erica and the Wall

    Yes, good pose and lighting! Her mien looks provocative, I like it...
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    Very little ballet dancers - 2 - Louisa

    Picture nunber 3 is the best for me! You just have to put it in ps and play a little bit with light and colors... I think it looks good in b/w!!!
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    I didn`t know that you are a astronomer! ;-) I like the second and the third! Good job!!!
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    Road Trip USA (VA -CA -VA) 56k warning

    Thank you for telling this story! Beautyfull pictures anyway...
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    My new ride

    Thank you all for your answers!!! I enjoy that you like my bike!!! @ LaFoto: Hey good idea! When I come around, we can drink some coffee and you may teach me a better english... @ PNA: No, it isn`t! ;-) ;-)
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    My new ride

    No special phototechnique or something like that... I`m just happy to show you my new bike ;)
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    my last work

    Thank you all for your comments! I`m happy that my pictures are suit you :-) @ LaFoto: You are right, I meant latest not last... I do enjoy if you (or someone else) are teaching me, so it is much easier to get a better language ability!!! There is no problem if you like to come with me...
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    my last work

    How do you like this pictures! C&C are welcome!!! 01 02 03 04 Thanks for watching
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    they lead into the darkness

    "The train out of nowhere"... Nice colors and exposure.