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    I like this picture a lot. Very unique angle for the pyramid. I like the framing from the other buildings. Great job.
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    some favorites

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. Really appreciate your suggestions. #1 was shot around 5oclock in the morning. That's why the horizon is already a bit brighter.
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    Lazy_B: I tried to reply to your message, but it wouldn't let me. For some reason you don't seem to have private messages on. Anyway, I would be honored to send you a copy of it. thanks
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    some favorites

    Thanks a lot guy. I really appreciate all your feedback.
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    abraxas: It just kinda evolved into these settings by trying different things out. I wanted some star trailing but not too much, so 4 minutes sounded ok. And then it was just a matter of finding a good aperture. But looking back at it, I think these settings are underexposing the image. The...
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    thank you all again for the commets. It's a long exposure during a full moon light. I personally like the lighting, but I would like to hear what bothers you about it. LaFoto: Thanks a lot. I am going back and forth between the leave shots... I really like the spring colors in #3, but I think...
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    some favorites

    thanks guys. glad you like them. How do you think I could have improved #3 and #4? thanks again
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    I haven't posted in a while. So I thought to post a couple of my favorite shots from the past couple of weeks. I hope you like them, please let me know what you think. Thanks. 1. Mojave Desert Ghost Town. 2. Sunset on the way to the Salton Sea 3. Spring leaves 4. Same leaves from...
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    Cave Sunset

    Thanks for the tip... Will do that... :-)
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    Cave Sunset

    At El Matador Beach, north of Malibu.
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    From El Matador Beach north of Malibu. I am really happy with the contrast of textures and colors.
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    Beekse Bergen

    #5 is great. I mean all of them are great, but #5 is really funny... What kinda monkey, "honey, I shrunk the kids" thing is this... ?
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    Road Trip

    Thanks guys. Glad you like them. Renair: I know... I wish it would be dusk all day long... :-)
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    A Light Dusting

    #2 is spectacular! I love the sun in the foreground and the cloudy background.
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    Mojave River Sunset

    Very nice. Love to colors.