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    Most expensive photographer

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    Table Mountain

    whic is thecamera that u r using to take this picture.plz let me know abt it...
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    Table Mountain

    oh ya i like landscapes very much.thankx for that..there is maany more beauty beside that..
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    Motorcycles (Mostly MX)

    thankx shibbyy..motocross is one of my favourite u gave me some pictures and wonderful info bt that..thank u once again..
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    Guys N Gals a Must See Photo......

    he is one of our fammous photographer...i know him.i told b4 that i am a model and i cam eto know bt all phtographers...i asked permission b4 that
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    TPF Camera Straps

    ya mee too have the problem in camera getting wet thats it.the nikond100 i think is very good indeed...check it out
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    how did you know?

    juz put some of my pics in is gud rite?
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    Award Winning Phtography

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    how did you know?

    olympus is a vry gud i have some difficulties with its zooming u have tht problem?
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    Guys N Gals a Must See Photo......

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    how did you know?

    hey u have use D200 hwz it in ur opinion? i just planning to take D100..plz compare that n give me reply