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    color of my image looks different in windows and mac

    you are correct and that's exactly what i did (more or less...i adjusted the color setting in photoshop) my case...the calibration is to adjust OSX to match the output of windows...however....i think the calibration the previous poster is referring to is hardware calibration using a color...
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    color of my image looks different in windows and mac

    Depends on how you define calibration. I know what the issue is after doing some search online and looking at the OSX setting. It is the problem with the OSX color profile. It is only supporting one profile type called "color LCD" profile and it pretty much boost all saturation by 20%. So my...
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    color of my image looks different in windows and mac

    it is stated in my first and thrid point. "i'm using a macbook" & "Both views using the same macbook." As i was saying, the "print out" that i ordered looks exactly like the view in windows. So any calibration in windows would be meaningless. I dont think it is calibration. It is probably...
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    color of my image looks different in windows and mac

    I do apprecaite your comment. However, your suggestion would be more helpful if you read my posting before commenting. I already said that i use the same macbook when viewing the image under windows and OSX. I dont know what it is that is doing that desaturation when i view it in windows (or...
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    color of my image looks different in windows and mac

    Hi all, i have a question regarding the color of my image. First of all, let me list out what i'm looking at so that you can help me better understand why??? 1) i'm using a macbook to view this image under OSX and Windows (using bootcamp). Tried varies applications and got the same result...
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    can i use them ???

    bad ones might not even :P dont worry too much......just use them for yourself to find out.....there is no quality control on bad names and their lifespan varies
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    S5 blows me away!

    man.......this sounds you are getting 2 exposures with on one shot.....amazing
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    to light or dark

    i think it looks fine....i like it
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    what the heck? is it charging faster?

    maybe is problem with the charger....since you are now using it at a different potential......maybe it is misbehaving....haha....but as far as the actual charging of the battery..........charing 1 hour at 110 or 1 hour at 220 shouldnt made any probably will notice that the...
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    S5 blows me away!

    is it CS3 or the S5 that amazed you? the recovery of the lightlight is really amazing....i've never seen that does it recover all the data from a "white field"?.....just amazing
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    Rechargeable batteries for flash get really really hot

    batteries getting hot is an indication of over-charge.....some charger are stupid and they keep charging your batteries even though they are full.....the excess electrons have no room to fit but turn into heat and dissipated.
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    what the heck? is it charging faster?

    technically....the charger is charing the battery at fixed DC voltage & current output no matter what the input voltage is (110 or 220) it shouldnt make any difference on the charging are probably thinking too much
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    18-135 vs. 18-200

    18-200 VR is a walkaround is built for that purpose.......quality and walkaround usually dont mix....if quality is needed.....then you're looking for 18-55 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8
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    My first HDR ( in the kitchen )

    i dont know what to say...but the HDR effect turns the photo into like an oil paint style.....very it
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    Print question

    ask your friend what his teacher meant by that.....if you print a 2MP pic on a 8x10 and a 10MP pic on a 8x10.....look at both from an arm's lenght away......i'm sure you can tell the difference