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    220 B&W Film

    So I won't know if I don't ask, Does anyone out there have any B&W 220 film that they want to sell? I know its a long shot, but hey before I make the jump to color...thought I would ask.
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    My Evo and the Sunset

    Yeah I will have to get my car together with a couple other peoples here in town, it is a small town so there is like 6 of us. (Sorry I kind of thread jacked and turned this into a car thread by the way.)
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    My Evo and the Sunset

    Yeah they are pretty cool. My mpg went to hell after I dropped the Type R into it, well it probably has something to do with my driving style, lol. Nice shots though, would love to see some more of them.
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    My Evo and the Sunset

    The second one is my favorite, for some reason I like the car centered in the frame, (explain that rule of thirds). I wish the background was more uniform like if you had pulled over farther to the left and angled the car out towards the street. Otherwise I don't think you can take a bad...
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    The (Obligatory) Brick Wall Shot - Share Yours

    Here is mine, might be a repeat, my apoligies if so.[/IMG]
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    Free $hit!!!

    Well, maybe if the people with all the $hit, not the septic tanks of $hit, but 90% of all the $hit processing and generating plants, $hit, Weren't completely full of $hit while stuffing there mounds of propaganda $hit down the throats of all the lower level $hit's, All while creating mighty...
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    Worried Little Man

    Thanks, I have been trying to be more conscious of the composition in camera. Just goes to show that I need some constant diligence.
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    Why have YOU started Photography??

    For me I like to take crappy pictures and post them up so that people will tear them apart while I weep in my basement bedroom. Then also in my part time I enjoy trolling. Seriously though, I like to make things, since I have little to no talent with a paintbrush or pencil in my hand...
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    Worried Little Man

    I did use fill light, albeit I had it turned down. I tend to like shadows and contrast, although I do think that I should have turned it up a bit so that I could compare the two. Thanks for the comment.
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    Worried Little Man

    Haven't posted anything in awhile, thought I would through up one of my recent favorites. Any comments are welcome.
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    Testing the Video and Time lapse function in D7000.

    Looks pretty good for experimentation, just need to get your panning smoother and play with new and different subjects.
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    So before during the film days

    Often times what they would do was cut the negative and replace the negative space with another negative that had a similar or identical background. Another example with Stalin when he didn't want it to be known that Leon Trotsky was in attendance at a speech to Soviet troops. Photo...
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    Fight Club - Round 122: Results are in!

    Shrubbery - Amandalee Over there - Orionsbyte Up close - Amandalee Personal - Amandalee Tragic - Amandalee Have to say that Amanda's tragic is awesome. Like it on so many levels.
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    Black and white vs coloured? C&C

    I am on the other side of the fence on this one. I like the B&W, it feels so cold to me. Almost desolate, like this beautiful flower had the strength to blossom in the dead of winter. I wonder if the viewer response would have been the same had you waited until the winter to post this picture.
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    Can't figure this one out

    My best guess is that with a 6 second shutter speed the lower fireworks were smaller and faster so they gave you a blurry picture. Also with such a long exposure I am wondering if another round of fireworks started to go off right at the end of your exposure. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the...