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    Readjusting White Balance: Lap Process - FILM

    I don't believe what you are proposing is possible. Generally, with processing colour film, a professional lab will be able to push or pull it to a modest extent (compensating for reduction or increase in exposure), but changes in colour balance are not possible. The closest you can get would be...
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    Can anyone identify this enlarger?

    I agree with Compur - give this obscure brand a miss and go for one of the more common ones - Beseler, Durst, Kaiser, Omega. You'll want to be able to buy lens boards, negative carriers, etc. If you are buying an older model, be sure that it has a filter drawer for multigrade filters - but...
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    Picture-in-Picture troubleshoot?

    Do you have access to a negative scanner to scan and then post a couple of the problem frames? It would be even better if you were able to scan several contiguous frames in one strip. Seeing the problem would make it easier to comment.
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    Darkroom paper developing problems :(

    The first thing to check is that your safelights are indeed safe, as described in an earlier post. This sounds like a problem with the developer, not the fix. Prints will always appear darker and contrastier under the safelight than in white light. If you're failing to get good blacks in your...