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    Real Estate Photographer wanting other sources of income

    I am a Professional Real Estate Photographer and have photographed about 6000+ homes and businesses since I got started. I shoot about 5 to 8 houses per day and spend my late nights processing photos. I have tried outsourcing the processing with unsatisfactory results. I am trapped working every...
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    Need CLA/Repair on Canon AE-1

    Not an option, the camera I have must be CLA'd. It's a sentimental thing... A friend of mine gave me this camera a few years ago, he died and I want to give it back to his son...
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    Need CLA/Repair on Canon AE-1

    Need repair/CLA on Canon AE-1 All references to anyone that does these repairs is very old. Is there anyone still doing this kind of work?
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    Need advice about video, low light with movement

    Low light meaning as low as a house with a dark ceiling and walls. Yes, 1500 to 5000+ sq ft. I am currently using a 10mm (min aperture is 4.0) lens on an APSc DSLR. I have a steadycam so the video looks good, except its just too dark and of course too grainy when the light gets so low the ISO...
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    Need advice about video, low light with movement

    What would be considered a "good one"? (suited for my purposes)... I am completely unfamiliar with all the different video cams available these days.
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    Need advice about video, low light with movement

    I do a lot of real estate photography and have been doing video but I am not completely happy with the results. These environments are low light with movement, I'm doing walk-throughs, not pans or slides, my customers don't like that. They prefer the walk-through... To solve this problem I am...
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    Approaching real estate agents.

    I got started doing this 5 years ago by offering to shoot a house for free, just to get my photos in the local Multiple Listing Service. They really stand out, even in thumbnails and they catch people's attention, even if they don't buy the home, it draws attention to the agent with good...
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    Need to automate blending of bracketed photos.

    I shoot 300 to 500 bracketed photos per day. I spend quite a bit of my processing time just selecting three photos at a time and blending them together. Is there any software out there that does a good job of automating this process? Currently I use the "LR Enfuse" plugin for Lightroom 4... no...
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    K-01 Focus Peaking

    They are even cheaper now! I now own 3, one of which is dedicated to manual lens shooting...
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    What is the best Pentax DSLR for low light?

    I think the K-5IIs/K-5II definitely have the best High ISO performance.
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    I want a TLR

    Got a RolleiCord on eBay this weekend. Was CLA'd recently... Will post photos after first roll.... :sexywink:
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    I want a TLR

    Yes, I was interested in getting one then got busy with other things. Now my interest has peaked again and I really want to get one. You say you have one for sale? I would be interested....
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    First roll through the Argus 75

    I shot a roll in my Argus 75 about two years and just now had them processed. here are a few....
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    I want a TLR

    A RolleiFlex would be nice but they seem a bit expensive. is it possible to get a decent one for under $300? If not, what is a good less expensive TLR to look for? a Yashica? Any other models? Thanks...
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    Why did you buy a Pentax?

    They have ... all their entry and mid level camera use AA, the K-x, K-r and the new K30. The K-r and K30 can use both, proprietary Li or AA...