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    How the rich get richer

    Yep. Only business we do with our banks (other than checking/savings/etc) is short term CD's. Everything else is through either UMB Financial or Twentieth Century. What the original poster is referring to for those who invest seven-figures or better is often referred to as "venture...
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    In need of logo help

    I'll 'fess up--I'm the lone "dislike them all" vote. Guess it's an occupational hazard from being a retired creative director who's overseen the design of hundreds of logos, and in the process, "trashed" tens of thousands. So the following observations are not intended to upset you or...
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    Starting up my business

    "Copy" refers to the written words in a piece of advertising, pitch-writing, etc. "Copywriters" (my old profession) are the people who come up with the headlines and words for print ads, radio commercials, TV commercials, outdoor ads, etc. For instance, if you're going to "specialize" in...
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    Need opinions on copyright issue!

    I recently retired as a managing director of a $1 billion international advertising agency. Enforcing and recovering damages on copyright laws for businesses who misuse your images is one thing; enforcing and recovering for normal, everyday people is another. Think Napster. All their threats...
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    Starting up my business

    A photographer's website should look like a photographer's website and reflect--instantly--that the proprietor is a photographer. I just didn't get that impression when I clicked on your website link. Having scoured hundreds and hundreds of professional photographer's websites in the...
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    Anyone Interested in Photography Mini-Guide for Lunar Eclipse?

    First off, to Astrostu, thanks much for working to put together a guide based on experience of how to shoot these things. I've done alot of night photography, but like another poster, quality wall-hanger-worthy "sky" shots have eluded me. And to both Astrostu and Garbz, those are fantastic...
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    Large Prints & Film

    How much are drum scans running these days? I remember during my years in the ad agency world that we paid quite a bit for drum scans. 'Course, the smallest we'd ever have scanned was medium format--and that was mainly for ROP (newspaper) ads. All of the food and beverage photography we shot...
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    Need opinions on copyright issue!

    My advice? Don't charge her anything. Instead, ask her to refer friends, relatives, business associates, etc to you. In this day and age of digital, people can take the photos you've done for them, scan them and get a passable quality print. Keep in mind that most folks don't know an f-stop...
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    Kodak contrast filters versus Ilford filters

    Thanks, Ann. That's what I pretty much figured. Boy do I miss my Agfa and Kodak paper . . . Jeff
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Hard 8 -- absolutely. Great stuff! It's about an hour and a half by car. Depending on winds, it's only about 30 - 40 minutes from our airport, which is close to FW Alliance. Jeff
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    Kodak contrast filters versus Ilford filters

    Boy, this is probably a world-class dumb question, but here goes anyway. . . Having just recently built and set up my darkroom after a twenty-plus year absence, I am using my Kodak polycontrast filters variable contrast paper. Problem is, there is no more Kodak paper, so for the moment, I...
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    Downtown Dallas sidewalk

    Was strolling around downtown the other day and got this . . . Jeff
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    Learning printing

    I'll definitely ditto what Ann said about smaller printing not necessarily being easier, nor more condusive to learning. In fact, I'd say just the opposite is true. As you're learning, it's a lot easier to see your mistakes as well as what you're doing right on a big glorious piece of 8x10...
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    Macro lens vs Reverse lens

    Hi, I have both a 50mm and a 100mm dedicated macro lens along with a bellows setup. I can basically get as close as I want with suberb magnification and no vignetting. Only problem is that dedicated macro lenses are expensive--even the manual focus lenses for plain SLRs. But macro photography...
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    Are you THAT good?

    Don't leave out the element of sheer luck. Composition is vital, but often times you need the photo god smiling on you. AND . . . we were taught a long time ago that luck is where opportunity meets preparedness. So when you have the opportunity for that perfect shot because the light is...