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    Trying to get the A Good Day to Die Hard look.

    You will need to add a CTO gel to the light and light the actors/scene.
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    Q+A - What it's like to be a military photographer.

    I see Bryson is in your shop, I went to Syracuse with him. Some nice photos, good luck at MILPHOG.
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    When in doubt - broad or short?

    One of my photo professor would always say "When in doubt - paramount!"
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    Do you take note cards in the field?

    I just take a note pad everytime I go out to write down caption information, who, what, where, when, why.
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    How can I improve Aurora Borealis Photography?

    You may want to invest in a good sturdy tripod so wind wont effect your exposure, also using your timer or a remote shutter release cable will help reduce possible vibration. Also if your camera has mirror up mode (MUP) that will help reduce camera shake. There is a ton more stuff to do but im...
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    RAW- Is it worth it

    99.9% of the time shoot raw or if I need to Raw+Jpeg.
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    Terminal Photos

    The only issue you may have is if you are taking photos of the security checkpoints. But it varies everywhere.
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    Photography workshop

    Says on her webpage she also teaches a course at Maine Media Workshop. I've taken a course at Maine Media Workshop, not her course, and it was a great experience. I learned some new tricks and I left with an awesome photojournalism product I produced. But best bet is try and find some people who...
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    Nikon D3000 and Opteka 6.5mm fisheye connection error? Help please.

    Opteka is known for cheap and really really bad quality. If you can still return it I would.
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    REACH emergency medical helicopter (NSFW)

    False, that theory would fail. Look up Shulman v. Group W Productions, Inc.
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    What are your Photographic Objectives for 2012?

    Finish at least two long term multimedia photojournalism pieces.
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    Darker Side of Developing India

    Here is a great piece to watch for some inspiration. Undesired by Walter Astrada | MediaStorm
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    Personally I almost never check my camera gear. I was with a co-worker flying to an assignment, he checked his gear. It was in a pelican case with fitted foam padding and had the TSA approved locks. We get to our destination and he opens up the pelican case his laptop screen is spider web...
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    Narrative documentary ideas?

    How about an individual who uses music to bring comfort to those who are suffering, a person who volunteers to play music at hospitals. Or how about a bandsmen paying his way through college with a music scholarship.
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    Most powerful photos of 2011?

    Thanks Mike, this is great inspiration for young photographers.