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    Rolls-Royce Trent 900 aircraft engine

    :) the monster of the Airbus A380 Rolls Royce Trent 900 by Solidjake, on Flickr
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    Emirates A380

    Emirates Engine Start (B&W) by Solidjake, on Flickr
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    Aviation: Beauty and the Beast

    ^ Done, first post edited.
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    Aviation: Beauty and the Beast

    Thanks everyone. Kathy, those were the landing lights which are also on the wing.
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    Aviation: Beauty and the Beast

    I've been working at JFK airport for over a year and every morning there is a beautiful yet UNIQUE sunrise. Today I was looking at the marvelous sky and saw how the sun looked blurred behind the clouds. I also noticed the morning traffic pattern landing right in front of it, thus resulting in...
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    Might swap up my lenses, need advice

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling my 55-200 and 18-55 lenses (for about 240 lets say) and get a 18-135mm lens. At work I need the zoom since the aircraft are far away, but I think the wide range on the 18-135 should be good enough for everyday shooting and work related pics. my 35mm will be...
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    D5100 recommended starter equipment/filters/lenses

    +1 on the 35mm. I got it a week ago and it's the best lens I have. Have fun during your trip.
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    My third glass...

    Yes sir
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    Supposed to snow here in NYC tomorrow. I'm happy as hell that I'm off from work.
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    My third glass...

    ... and I LOVE it :D This lens is a must have. The night shots are incredible. What takes 3-4 seconds on the kit lens can be done in a second or under with this
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    Shots from work today (airport content)

    1. Jet Blast by Solidjake, on Flickr 2. Emirates 777 Pushback by Solidjake, on Flickr 3. South African A340 Taxi by Solidjake, on Flickr 4. Stop For British by Solidjake, on Flickr 5. Morning Travelers by Solidjake, on Flickr
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    Some night shots at JFK

    Enjoy 1. Jet Blue Trio by Solidjake, on Flickr 2. Air Jamaica 737 by Solidjake, on Flickr 3. Boeing 767 Head On by Solidjake, on Flickr
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    Distant lights blurred

    I was taking some pics at work last night so I didn't have a tripod. This pic came out blurry but I like the effect with the lights. South Queens Blur by Solidjake, on Flickr
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    Much better nice
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    zoom lens for d3100?!

    55-200mm f/4.0-5.6G AF-S VR DX IF ED is what I have if your phone doesn't show it. I paid $138 USD for it which is 85 pounds. They usually go up to 170 here or 105 pounds.