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    Old Man of the Hill

    Taken on Butser Hill, Queen Elizabeth Country Park.
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    On a little photo jaunt yesterday to the local country park and a military transport flew over. Completely unexpected but I managed to get this shot.
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    Landscape or Portrait for this scenic view

    Landscape or Portrait? Too much sky? Too much editing?
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    Advise needed for macro studio photography pictures

    Another thing that you haven't mentioned. Do you have a shutter remote or are you using the built in shutter timer, this will avoid any camera shake introduced by physically pressing the shutter button.
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    Advise needed for macro studio photography pictures

    Don't know anything about your specific camera model but what happens if you stop down to increase the depth-of-field. So try f8 or f11 to increase DOF. You're shooting from a tripod with flash so it should bring everything into focus. Also, that's a lot of white, might be better to use a piece...
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    How would you edit this?

    Had another play around myself, taking some ideas from above. I think slightly more muted colours, not so green, works better. Also added a graduated filter from the left side to bring the exposure down on that side.
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    How would you edit this?

    Didn't even notice the purple hue myself. And don't worry, both of you have done exactly what I asked. I needed some inspiration and ideas on how to treat my photos which was the purpose of the post. :encouragement:
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    How would you edit this?

    I like what you've done with the colour of the tree trunks and floor covering. I'm not so sure about the shadow on the bottom left of the floor, have you used selective dodge / burn to bring out the middle section of the floor and also darken the left side? That's not something I'd normally...
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    Kinsman Falls, NH White Mountains

    Love this photo, it's pretty stunning. I feel the shutter speed was just right, capturing the movement in the water which a longer shutter speed would have removed.
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    How would you edit this?

    This is straight from the camera, it was shot in RAW but obviously this is a jpg export. There's a little camera shake when zoomed in, it was a very slow shutter speed. How would you crop, if at all? What about colour grading? Let's see your edits.
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    The Lazy Life

    This is a really cool shot, one that I'd be proud to have taken. Good one.
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    Boats in the fog.

    Agree with what the others have said, I prefer the moodier 1 and 5. The sepia style in 2 and 4 don't work for me.
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    The cat was ignoring me

    So I popped into the garden.
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    The cat was ignoring me

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    First shots from a new camera.

    Thanks, the photo is sharp, seems it's softened on it's way to the web :icon_sad: