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    Dog Portrait

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    Dog Portrait

    i have another thread now in this section, subject "Forrest" if you would like to see some with a bit of a differece in lighting and crop. the feedback really helps open my eyes to things i didnt notice. i guess it all comes with experience or im really bad at this... time will tell. ...
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    thanks for the feedback. one of the things i like about this series of shots because he is my dog, is that he is always watching out for us. so him looking out the window/toward the light is part of who he is. but i have realized that for most folks, they like to see the face.
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    anyone want to share? :(
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    The Last Vestige Of Autumn

    1 and 3 does it for me too :)
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    Dog Portrait

    thanks for the response. :thumbup: it is with natural light and the couch being brown drowns forrest some. i will try something different next time.
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    Fall Colors

    thank you :)
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    Black & Tan German Shepherd "Forrest" - 21 months old, male 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Thanks for looking. :)
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    Dog Portrait

    c&c please... thanks for looking.
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    First Outdoor Portrait Shoot

    i like 1,3, and 6. there is a filter you can purchase to lose the glar in her glasses. i cant remember what its called though [hopefully someone will chime in] but its suppose to remove glar/reflextions on glass.
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    Help me choose:

    i love #5. it says christmas to me and its a beautiful shot :)
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    Fall Colors

    anyone else want to share their thoughts about this series? please :hail: :D
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    Moraine Lake!

    gorgeous :)
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    thanks :) i agree that its not so easy... i havent carved in a long time. this pumpkin was craved by my 13 yr old daughter. i think she did a great job :D
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    An Undecided Trio

    i like the contrast you have in 1 and 2. nice