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    The Pact

    "largely" well it either DOES or it DOES NOT. how can you be pedantic and yet vague when identifying your own rulebook as it suits. that's just silly. affirmation number 1 - the FIRST affirmation of your pact is entirely 100% applicable to that thread situation. you are correct. i didn't ask...
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    The Pact

    i'm sorry but because of the bulletpoints i couldnt preface that with my comments. imo whats black is useful and whats red is less than useful.
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    The Pact

    Critique is given to help people become better photographers, artists, and occasionally business people. I will offer honest critique when it is asked for. I will critique the work, not the person. I will not hesitate to be direct. I will not hold back critique, even if feelings may be hurt. If...
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    Spider & nest

    it looks it, doesn't it! probably only 10-15mm body. but with those front legs...the alien!
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    Spider & nest

    thank you sir!
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    The Pact this is what irritates me on this forum, and reinforces my doubts that this pact can be enacted with authority and credibility.
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    Spider & nest

    the photography is 'chaotic and messy' ? well..not in my opinion. the photography is carefully approached, and high quality. the setting is complex. it's a natural environment where a spider lives. the important thing is not to compromise the nest (it is full of babies) or to stress out the...
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    10 Interesting Things, Within 10 Feet, Challenge!

    nice pictures ;0) especially the beers
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    The color green

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    Birds and Water Fowl

    Link gone :( Soligor 350mm f3.5 handheld. manual-focus. trying out this lens. $15 from a charity-store. Canon 1000D (2:3 crop. maybe ~50%) Magpie Link gone :( soligor 135mm f3.5. 20% of frame cropped.
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    In the middle of nowhere

    1 and 3 are super, documentary monochromes, IMO.
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    My First Post in TPF

    you use that 400mm to good effect. hope to see more of your work.
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    The Pact

    maybe a simple solution is, in the same fashion as we can elect/decline editing of our photos, we could elect/decline coaching on photography or elect/decline to have serious critique. that way people, generally regarded as poor photographers would fade out the picture - or continue happy in...
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    The Pact

    @Garbz quote: Summary comments along the lines of "I like it!" or "Great job!" or "It sucks!" do no one any good and will be avoided at all costs. well this is someone's opinion. and obviously shared by others. but i disagree that the positive words of encouragement 'do no good'. we can say...
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    Poppy Appeal

    czj sonnar 135/3.5