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    my daughters 1st pumpkin

    the wife and I took our daughter to our local orchard today to get her first pumpkin. the place had some nice scenery.
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    semi florida sunset

    so me and the fiance was waiting for the sun to set on our last day of vacation in florida when i saw all these seagulls come flying in. i grab the camera and fired off this shot. i know the horizon is crooked but its not bad for a "snap shot"
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    Photo: Newborn

    heres a picture of her where shes semi happy
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    Photo: Newborn

    she was born on the 8th. the mom laid her down, i fired off 3 shots changing my shutter speed to get a better exposure then she was right back in the blanket. she was laying there maybe 10 seconds max.
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    Photo: Newborn

    this is my 6 day old baby girl Kyleigh. ive never photographed a baby before so i know its not great. she really hates being out of her blanket and it shows in the photo. would of turned out alot better if she wasnt being fussy. im not a professional, i hardly ever pick up my camera anymore but...
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    Photo: Maternity (2nd Attempt)

    C&C welcomed
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    Another Senior Portrait

    unless it gets printed out in a larger picture size its not going to make a great wallet sized photo that she will be handing out to friends. the jeans look almost purple to me. but i like the idea for web use or a said a 10x14
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    One of my dog, C&C Please!

    could of used selective color to tone down the over exposed grass, kinda distracting.
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    Editing question.

    a pc and its cs2, but i think those are for ps elements only right?
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    Editing question.

    how do you use those? i downloaded some and opened them but dont know how to use them is photoshop
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    wedding lens...

    your going to want to stick to a 2.8 lens due to alot of low light situations. or you could buy a 50mm 1.8 and hope you can capture every moment with it.
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    Photoshoot with my friends SVT Cobra. (w00t dslr)

    theres nothing HDR about those photos anyways, how did you do the moving shot? was you sitting on the hood?! a lens hood would of helped the lens flare in pics 3 and 6 but the corners of the photo may come out darker since the lighting was dim
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    First wedding...$?

    yea that picture is way over edited
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    shooting horizontal with tripod!

    i failed big time with this thread lol