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    CopyRight Certificates?? Please help!

    They are very helpful around here!
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    Ye Old Door

    Love the photos. So much detail and such an interesting subject. Forces you to stop and look closely.
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    Hello from Washington State

    Nice to meet you Crystal_Linn. Your fiance is one lucky guy!
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    How Is Everybody?

    Working and hanging out with the new girlfriend. She really is amazing. Unfortunately I have not had much of a chance to get out and take any shots. Too tired most days. I've got my cousins wedding coming up on August 16th. Nervous. I will be much more prepared than the last though.
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    How Is Everybody?

    Its been awhile since I have been around. Work has taken most of my time and the rest has been spent with my girlfriend. She has many things going on this summer so I have a little more time for a few months. Anyway, I haven't been around and I was curious how you all were doing? Not sure most...
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    Nikon D50 Compatible Memory

    Im looking to pick up an SD memory card for my D50 and I am curious what exactly the camera can handle? Awhile back I tried a 4GB card and the camera would not recognize the card. I looked online and could not find exactly what I wanted. So....does anybody know exactly what this camera can...
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    Another newbie needs dSLR advice

    A great choice! Welcome to the Nikon family!
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    Critique first pick

    I am far from an expert but the one thing I notice is the open area in the top left corner. It draws the attention from the photo. So I would definately crop that. I would also make it a bit brighter. Not much though. I really like the photo though. The idea is great. But I like things like...
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    Another newbie needs dSLR advice

    Treat this guy well! He should be a great addition to the photography community! I do hope he goes Nikon. The best there is imo, lol.
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    Thick-Headed Fly

    #1 is one of the most amazing shots I have seen in a long, long time. Great job.
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    La Push, Washington

    I took these the other day. It was the first time I had driven out there away from work and had a chance to take some photos. Lots and lots of fun. The landscape was amazing.
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    Wedding Question; Memory Card

    I talked to them and they were fine with me taking the photos home, editing them, then sending them a cd. It went much better than I thought. That is something I need to discuss further with them. I am supposed to be at their house around 1:30 and the wedding starts at 4:30. They mentioned...
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    Wedding Question; Memory Card

    Ill have to pick that up next week, and I wont have it before the wedding, but I will buy that book. Thank you.
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    Wedding Question; Memory Card

    I would be making almost a weeks worth in 2-3 hours. That is why I would consider it. Its good money. That and I have never done anything like this. I have no experience in the business end of things and I guess I ended up asking a stupid question because of it.
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    Wedding Question; Memory Card

    You are correct. I have not done this often. Maybe I have taken on more than I can handle. What I do know is that I got a call from my ex's sister who had told these people I was decent at photography. They could not afford to hire a professional photography so they are turning to me. I talked...