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    Can't figure out remote flash using manual mode

    Thanks, I was trying to see if there was a way to quickly adjust flash power from either the camera or the flash itself, when in remote group manual mode. Looks like the only way right now is to go into flash group in the camera and adjust it there. But it's so many button presses away. I was...
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    Can't figure out remote flash using manual mode

    I have a D850 with the Nikon's wireless transmitter, and a SB-5000 flash. I cannot figure out how to use the flash over radio, and at the same time shoot in the manual mode, where I can specify the flash power. Everything is working fine in remote TTL mode, but when I switch my flash from my...
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    Need help picking lens for a Nikon system

    Great, thanks everyone!
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    Need help picking lens for a Nikon system

    Oh yes, definitely makes sense.
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    Need help picking lens for a Nikon system

    Thank you everyone for the reply. From what I can see, the new FL's IQ is slightly better than VRII, so in my case the decision would between FL and Tamron G2. Haha yes, true indeed. Alright, let me reach out to him, thank you for the suggestion.
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    Canon Lens Combination - Advice Needed

    Of course, it all depends on what and how you want to shoot. If I were you, first, I would figure out for my shooting if I'd need 2.8 or if F4 would be enough. You have a new enough DSLR with good high ISO capability, it's something to consider. Second, if I picked 2.8, for example, you need to...
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    Need help picking lens for a Nikon system

    Hi guys, I am switching from my Canon gear over to Nikon after over 10 years of shooting with Canon and the recent disappointment with their camera products. I need help picking 24-70 2.8 lens for the Nikon and 70-200 2.8. My primary concern is the absolute best IQ I can get. Secondly comes...
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    Camera Advice

    Actually, I wouldn't suggest a new camera but rather a better lens. Get a 70-200 f/2.8 VR II and see how many shots you miss. 80-200 is slow and old nowdays for action shooting, compared to the competition. I think even a used f/2.8 70-200 VR I would do nicely.
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    I wouldn't recommend a cheap 60$ ball-head for landscape photography. The only reaon you would need a tripod for landscapes is to shoot sunsets or do long exposures in general. Pistol-grip ball-heads are not stable enough for those kinds of applications and will introduce microvibrations. Of...
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    Canon EOS 1000D v Nikon D40x

    I would definitely suggest saving up more and then getting the real deal. Obviously, not everyone is fortunate enough to even save up enough for a super great camera, but if you can hold off and build up cash, you'll be rewarded with a peace of mind and not having to go look for a camera after...
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    Canon EOS 1000D v Nikon D40x

    Whats your budget? Can you afford a Used Canon 7D or Nikon D7000? It all depends what you use the camera for. Newer camera usually has better ISO so you can shoot in lower light. Older cams might have a better build quality if they were from a higher segment (like 50D vs 1000D), so if you...
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    New Lens

    Are you talking about Tamron f/2.8 24-70 or Canon? If you're on a budget your best bet would be finding a used Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC, but those are relatively new so you may not be able to find it used. The price difference will be significant from f/4 to f/2.8 so first you gotta figure out how...
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    First Full Frame - 5D Mark III.

    If you don't know that you need full frame, you obviously don't need it.
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    24-70L 2.8 mkii for USD 1,500!

    1. Buy all gear this seller sells for those kinds of prices. 2. Put it out on ebay for reasonable price while still making some 3. Profit. There is a reason you can't buy an ipad 4 at the store right now, but you can on ebay for $1000