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    The Fly

    Nice shot. Funny how a "pest" can be pretty and interesting!
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    A Bald Eagle in upstate New York

    Under the circumstances you did a good job of capturing this eagle. My brother and I go out every year and try to capture eagle pics, but it's hard to do. They can spot you several miles away. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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    My First Hummingbird Attempts

    Nice captures of little creatures that don't sit still for long. 1st one is sharp.
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    Anna's Hummingbird posing for me.

    Beautifully done. Very sharp.
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    Boring photo...

    I think you did a nice job with what you had. But for heaven's sake, don't ever give up!!
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    Wildlife in our back yard

    Shooting nature and wildlife is fun isn't it. Nice job with these photos. Too bad the ear is cut off of the squirrel in the 2nd photo, but still nice shot. Thanks for sharing.
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    Last Night Lightning

    Cool pics. I tried a long time ago to shoot lightning and pics didn't turn out. Think I'll try again. Thanks for sharing!
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    Shooting water in product and advertisement photography

    Cool! A friend of mine and I used to do this type of thing. Thanks for sharing.
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    Snowy Owl

    If only he could have been on a tree branch. But, under the circumstances, nice job! Thanks for sharing!
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    Christmas Tree

    I like it!
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    New to the Photo Forum

    Welcome to TPF!
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    Amazing photos! Wish mine would turn out that good. Nice job!
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    Another Owl

    Another great capture! Was this the owl that was skiddish?
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    Barn Owl

    Nice job, Clark! The details are excellent.
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    Seems like the bird(s) always hide behind a branch or two don't they? Looks like you focused on the branch. Thanks for sharing!