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    Going wireless

    I have the Pocket Wizards as well and I love them, I was using a cheaper off brand trigger before but they were unreliable.
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    Monolight Power Question

    I shoot with all 700w/s Strobes, I found them to be a good balance of power and performance. I would get all your lights the same it saves hassle when doing setups or buying flash tubes. By going with the 1000w/s strobes you can adjust them to what you need and not worry about not having enough...
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    Liability Insurance?

    If you are in Canda check out the PPOC, the coverage you can get through them is great.
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    Hair & Makeup Comp Shoot c&c please

    Sorry, I will get in touch with you, I have been busy editing for the last few days. I will get together and send some info this weekend.
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    Hair & Makeup Comp Shoot c&c please

    Are these the final images? (Please understand if these are images for competition like the Contessa awards I am going to give a strong critique) If so I think you need to re-work the skin for each of them, you need to remove the skin blemishes, and there is something going on by the lips/nose...
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    Fashion Shot C&C Welcome

    I will take that as a compliment as to good lighting and makeup artist, but I assure you she is a real woman.
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    Fashion Shot C&C Welcome

    Thanks, the focus was her hair, this shot was used in this years L'Oreal Colour Trophy.
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    Fashion Shot C&C Welcome

    Here is a new one, C&C always welcome I would post the picture, but the system is not letting me.........:er:
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    Personal Articles insurance in Canada - recommendations

    One thing to keep in mind if you cover you gear on a personal policy, in most cases they will not pay out if they deem it was broken while on commercial shoot (Anything you are getting paid for) They are going to take one look at your website, see the watermark on your images and decline your...
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    Theft of my image

    What site is using it?
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    POLL: What should my Facebook URL be?

    Is facebook going to be your only website?
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    Looking to start a business

    The owner of the images is determined by the contract they sign with the client, I believe in the USA the Photographer owns the rights. As for Copyright, it is automatic on all images taken by the photographer in most cases.
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    My current gear. Looking to upgrade. Needs ideas.

    Just make sure you test the lens well, I sold my Sigma 24-70 because my Nikon 18-200 was sharper. I think I just had a bad one, but it has made me biased against Sigma Lenses