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    Workaround for "the walking flash"?

    Matt's talking about a remote release, which is an electrical switch that you plug into the camera body witha a cord - like this. You don't get camera shake as you don't touch the body. Not sure what you mean by "lo-tec velcro strap on cable release"?
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    Shocking breach of Copyright

    Well I don't think much of Fotki's reporting procedures, anyway, as all the images I reported are still up there. I don't really have a problem with that guy (as i said, I think he's probably just using the site to store some nice pictures that he found), but Fotki should be quicker to respond...
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    Focusing in a picture.

    I really wouldn't worry to much about the hand being out of focus in this image. The interesting part of the image is his face, which is in focus.
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    good idea or a flop?

    Yup me too. I can't see the point in an all manual DSLR.
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    Shocking breach of Copyright

    Well, you can report his images with the "Report this image" link and file a copyright complaint. Maybe if enough of them get taken down he'll take the message. Personally, I don't think there anything malicious here - I think he's just using Fotki as a place to store some nice images he found.
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    Is there a program?

    There's a discussion about adding borders in GIMP here.
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    Best D-SLR under a grand

    No doubt :lol::lmao: You'll get loads of different opinions on here as to which camera is better. My advice would be to go to a camera store and try them out - I doubt you'll be disappointed if you pick Nikon or Canon, though the Pentax K100 looks pretty good also (though maybe I am sentimental...
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    70-300mm what?

    I have the Sigma. For the money, it's not a bad lens. Just don't go expecting miracles :) (I posted a mini-review on my site here)
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    Sigma 70-300 4 x Objectives ???

    Go with either of the APOs. the DG version is "optimized for digital' but I bet it's actually no diferent to the other version. On that basis, I'd go with the second one (which is the one that I have)
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    A simple tip that will teach you loads about photography

    Great advice! Why not try using a polaroid camera for a different perspective on things :)
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    Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

    Good on you, BubblePixel, I hope that you have fun with it :)
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    Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

    As I've said before, for the money it's really not a bad lens. I reviewed the APO version here, I'm not sure the non-APO version would really be that much different. For the cost, you can't expect it to be a world beating lens, but if you want a cheap telephoto that performs reasonably, it's...
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    Canon EOS-30D for a beginner??

    I used to think that too, and have a trusty K1000 myself. However, I think the instant feedback that you can get from a digital SLR could be pretty useful for a beginer. Going back on-topic, a 30D is a great camera but quite expensive if you're not sure that you'll be wanting to take...
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    miniature like

    Yes, you can just do this with Photoshop; you don't need to buy an (expensive and fiddly) tilt-shift lens to do it. Check out this Flickr Group for loads of examples
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    Panoramic software

    Autostitch is awesome.