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    I have a lot of questions!

    Oh also.. any tips on where to order a backdrop that is good quality?
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    I have a lot of questions!

    Okay! Luckily I can practice ahead of time. I will try out the tips you gave me and see how it goes! Thanks for all the help!
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    I have a lot of questions!

    Okay, so it will be indoors and there will be window light and ambient lighting also... will that change things?
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    I have a lot of questions!

    I would like to stay under $200 for everything. I have a yongnuo flash but it only allows me to go up to 200shutter. They will be doing fast kicks and flips in the air that I will need to be catching.
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    I have a lot of questions!

    I have pretty much done well with outdoor photography, but am looking into lighting equipment that I can use with a fast shutter. I will be taking some martial arts pictures for our local class in a few months. It will all be indoor. So I need lighting equipment and a backdrop and stand. first...
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    How can I get this look/color?

    Okay, it has been updated. I just think the headshots are so stunning and the colors seem to pop so well in nearly all her work.
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    How can I get this look/color?

    I couldn't get the specific image to come up. so I attached the site. Hopefully I can change it in a min.
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    How can I get this look/color?

    Melanie Burkburnett Class of 2015 Devon J. Imagery Blog I have been following this photographer for a while. I really love her work. I just purchased photoshop a few weeks ago and have a lot to learn. But I wonder how I could get this look on my shots? I just love it. I am pretty experienced...
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    2nd shooting for weddings

    Thanks! I love her!
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    How do you get images to look this good?

    This is one of my favorite photographers work from back home. This one was published. The first photo is stunning to me. I was wondering if you well experienced photographers could help me figure out why this looks so amazing? I want all my photos to look this good. :D I am thinking the first...
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    Young Grasshopper

    It's a Katydid. They bite! :/ I would boost clarity bring yellows down and then play with contrast.
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    Canon 24 - 70 2.8 L

    I really want this lens but will have to wait for some money. I live in Newnan ga. If you sell it please post. I will be checking back.
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    Help! I'm Addicted To EXIF!!

    If you only use manual, you will eventually begin to figure it out. I thought I knew how to use manual and I was in you situation. Just keep learning about how the light changes and how you need to adjust ISO, SHUTTER and F stop to get good shots. Once you figure that out you can learn how to...
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    Tiger lilies

    just fyi I can't send you a message bc this "jowensphoto has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space." ;)