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    Sunset at the Lake. Please Critique.

    It is difficult to offer constructive criticism on several pictures in a single post. Overall, however, this is what I think: In landscape photography, pictures tend to look better when the horizon is horizontal (i.e. straight). Use a tripod and a small bubble level mounted on your hot...
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    Can your camera do this?

    No, I didn't. Just the look of the camera and mainly the picture on the back gave it away from me. I worked in explosive areas before and the light fittings were similarly enclosed.
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    Can your camera do this?

    The casing and the picture on the back of the camera suggest to me it is a camera to be used in areas where there are risks of explosions.
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    UK-based film postal processing

    I have never be disappointed with Peak-Imaging. It might be worth a look.
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    Best lens for landscape photography?

    I agree with Luca. Anything under 24mm (on a full frame camera) is often too wide for landscapes or at least requires very careful composition to avoid vast expense of emptiness. It's definitely not easy to achieve good landscape composition with ultra wide angle lenses. Somehting like a 24mm...
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    Help picking best camera and lens

    Derrel and Big Mike, your recommendations are really poor. This is the film photography section. The OP is clearly NOT intersted in digital.;)
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    Canon 1000D SLR - all pics come out 72 dpi....

    Welcome to TPF. You posted your question in the wrong forum (this is the 'film discussion' section) and are therefore less likely to receive an answer. However, I believe you are confusing DPI and PPI. Read this and all should become clear.
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    I need some help to buy an ndgrad-filter

    As an alternative, look at Formatt filters. I use or used ND grads from Lee, Formatt and Cokin. Cokin filters are the worst by a fair margin. They are not really neutral and sometimes give a purple cast to grey skies. I cannot tell any difference in the pictures taken with Lee and Formatt...
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    which digital camera i shold go for?

    This is the wrong part of the forum to ask such a question (this is the Film Discussion section). If you want some answers,re- post in the appropriate section and let us know how much you want to spend and what type of photography you're interested in.
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    The BUMP thread

    I thought this thread died a year ago. Thanks for reviving it. ...Bump...
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    Olympus 3/4's lens dilemma. Please help.

    What about the 14-42mm from Olympus? You can buy it for USD225 from Adorama or B&H and maybe even cheaper on Amazon.
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    Canon in Japan and also Thailand

    I guess you will also have to pay some tax when you go back to Canada (some kind of import tax). Take this into account, the exchange rate and the potential problem with the warranty and decide if it's worth the hassle.
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    Mac, PC(Windows), or Linux/Unix

    That might have been true in the past but I don't think it is true anymore. Some Linux distributions are now straightforward to use. I am not very computer literate and far from being a computer geek and I run Ubuntu without many problems (fewer than Windows XP anyway). If you haven't used Linux...
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    medium format?

    If you want to buy a Bronica, go for the SQ-A over the SQ. The SQ-A has mirror lock up and the SQ doesn't. With such a big mirror, I find the mirror lock up feature essential (I have both SQ and SQ-A bodies and I now exclusively use the SQ-A for that reason).
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    Rectangle in viewfinder ?

    Well not always. If you want to have something close to you in focus and keep the background in focus, infinity focusing won't do. That's when you need to use the hyperfocal distance. Focusing on infinity and hyperfocal distance are two different things.