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    Aspiring photographers

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    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    Still going strong
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    Portraits of People

    My 3rd baby and my 1st newborn photoshoot.
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    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    One month transformation
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    Close call...

    I wish my Photoshop game was better... Behind the scenes
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    DX Camera and DX Lens question?

    I guess this is a matter of pixel density. A 24 MP crop sensor will have higher pixel density than a 24 MP full frame sensor.
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    Looking for a small flash with HSS and TTL

    I don't think the SB-400 has HSS. The SB-500 looks nice but is a bit on the expensive side. Maybe I'll just go for it...
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    I'm flying

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    Signs, signposts, etc.

    Sign translates to something like: "walking over the dam is prohibited".
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    Dx lens on Fx Camera Need Help

    You will get dark corners or a cropped image.
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    Help doing my own ecommerce/product photos.

    The most important is the light. I would also buy something better than a phone for product photography, but it's not going to make a big difference if you use them the same way.
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    Looking for a small flash with HSS and TTL

    I'm looking for a small, inexpensive flash with HSS and TTL for either Nikon or Panasonic. Size and HSS are the most important. I don't need any other fancy functions, and I intend to use the flash on camera, on its own. Any recommendations?
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    Nikon 70-300mm Lens Blur question

    ≈100% crop 300 mm, f/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 100.
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    Nikon 70-300mm Lens Blur question

    I've never used the AF-P version. The point of this lens is that it's surprisingly good, very cheap (buy used), small and lightweight. You can get good results wide open at 300mm f/5.6, just not as sharp as at 200mm. This is normal, and applies to most (zoom) lenses unless you go modern, big...
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    Question about Lens Adapters

    It seems like you can only adapt Nikon F to 4/3 if the lens has an aperture ring, that means you can only use older Nikon lenses with no built in focus motor. I belive that means no auto focus. I found no adapters for Canon to 4/3. My recommendation is to not waste money on this. Use what you...