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    Road to school

    Yup love this.
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    2nd time doing street photog

    I've been saving gas so I don't go out much lately. I decided to do a cheap photo walk and thought these came out considering my lack of experience. Thought I'd post :)
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    "The MG..."

    Nice shot. I had a 70B. Love the shot! I think the BG adds to it. It tells me it's a driven car and not a museum. Story...
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    Just my grandfathers old barn.

    Good advise. Nice shot.
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    Horseshoe Bend

    Great shot of it. The sunburst is great and still good color in the sky. Nice to check that one off the list
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    Help for a Newbie

    I dont know your knowledge and sorry if you know this. So your looking for a sports camera. One to get action shots with your kids games. First that's awesome. Its going to save those memories :) For sports camera they can be had at many different price ranges. What makes a sports camera, well...
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    The lone Cactuseses

    One day I'm going to sit down and write "The Saga of the Bartlett Lake 3" a tale of motorcycles, ludicrous speed, and a brief visit to the pokey... Yes if you know the area Caynon lake repaved the road. Its bliss to ride on. 30 min of switchbacks and butter smooth.
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    The lone Cactuseses

    Thank you. I didnt notice the symmetry as much until I got it home.
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    The lone Cactuseses

    Yes it used a radial filter over the small one. I lightened it a little but forget the exact setting. Most of the time I bump the whites. I wanted it to grab attention to attempt to start the leading eye. The flowers are starting to bloom up there right now. I was thinking about going today...
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    The lone Cactuseses

    Thanks, yeah I was planning the whole sky to light up orange and red since the conditions were about perfect but it didnt happen. I was just as happy with the color here.
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    The lone Cactuseses

    I haven't posted here in a while but have been lurking here and there. I figured I would toss up a recent shot I was happy with. Went out to a place and got eaten by mosquitoes so I went to plan B. Of coarse I wouldnt post here without typing CC welcome haha. EOSR0615-Edit by Stormchase73, on Flickr
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    Around the Lake District...

    Great shots!
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    First camera for night sky pics

    I have a canon 1000d. It take pretty good star shots. It works fine. I normally shoot 30 sec (max for the camera) and the lowest Fstop I can do. Was normally 3.5. This allows the most light in. You can get one for about 100 bucks with a lens. It will do it. Image quality is not the best but goes...
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    Syrp VND color

    Sorry for the lapse in time. I never really heard the name but the brand is Syrp (I believe it is spelled) it seemed to have great reviews online and a good bang for the buck. To update i noticed it was really the darkest 20% of the ND. I can take it up to 80% fairly well. It's still not...
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    Syrp VND color

    I haven't yet. I dont get a lot of time to put into it. I had many shots and some video with this effect. I do think it was at 15mm too. It did seem a little odd. Not just color casting.