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    my personal challenge

    Before diving into posing be sure to find out what and where you want to go with it. I find that 90% of my shoots I like the people to pose naturally (how they would) and I then fine tune/critique. If it is a shot I really want I will give very specifics and sometimes even place things how I...
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    My new fave set - Bridals!

    I will jump in and say I think you did a great job! 2,3,8 would be my picks with a higher vote on 3. I feel like she should get lost in that scenery but yet my attention goes straight to her. #3 on my monitor it looks as if you lost all detail in her dress great work though
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    Camera bounce prevention?

    +1 I love this strap. Took a while to get used to it but i now completely trust it with my gripped Fuji S5 + SB-800 + Sigma 70-200 2.8
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    Asked to shoot an anniversary party????

    Try sitting down with the mom and asking what she expects of you. I just photographed a family reunion out in a park which was my first time doing this sort of thing. It's all about communication. Yes I am well versed in off camera lighting and such but I didn't use it. I barely used in on...
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    10 from a KC Wedding

    beautiful! did you light the jumping shot? These are all spot on and excellent
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    How many pictures do you end up showing off?

    On a portrait outing I will generally shoot 100 or so, find 2 or 3 complete winners (if im lucky...) sometimes 1, sometimes none. Out of those I will select one for my portfolio, the rest to post to forums, and find about 20 or so to display to the model. Im hoping to increase this, but overall...
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    Need Photoshop help!!

    Try the recovery slider before the exposure slider. If its just a bit of white you can usually pull the recovery and get it back without effecting the entire photo
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    Ebay Light Kit

    Do not count out the Cyber-syncs from paul buff (alienbee creator). I have those and they work flawlessly with a 400ft range. $60 will get you a receiver and $70 for the trigger.
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    More Car Portraits? Part 2

    nice work, the first and last are my favorite. How was the last one lit?
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    Question on Cybersyncs

    same, i cant imagine PW being more than 100% reliable? haha so yes, PW have the range but each cybersync can be a range booster and double your range goodluck and you should enjoy your cybersyncs.. i need to order 2 more actually
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    a few insects

    awesome work! It is juuust about that time here! Im getting excited
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    Question on Cybersyncs

    well, pocket wizards (last i looked) cost $188. This alone should tell you they are better than the cybersyncs. They have a 1 mile radius and some other features i dont know/ dont apply to my work. I have used them a couple of times at a buddies studio and both have gotten the job done with no...
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    pentax dslr

    Do it! you wont have any regrets... Pentax cameras are very nice and the lenses are top grade i hear. I shoot nikon but had i known the money i would/could have saved by choosing a different system i would have been happy to. But I am in school as a finance major and dont anticipate making...
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    Debating a New Camera

    If you have had the camera for a year and are still "finicky" with it i would call user error. The A200 is capable of producing very nice images. If you are having a gard time with the settings I would recommend a book on your camera. The field guides are generally nice. If not, you could try...
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    3 Month Old - BW mostly

    Nice work! In regards to removing the hand, it is resting on top of the baby it seems. If this is the case, then it is not "part of the baby" or where the baby should be filling. Just paint it black like the other side and see how it looks. Just go down from the babies neck, and then above the...