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    Concert Photography

    That appears to be quite the interesting wedding... MSF, that's a really good idea to try and get a permanent press pass from the venue, I may look into that!
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    Concert Photography

    I know the D90 isn't the best at high ISO, but I generally manage to get it done. Editing isn't a must, Didn't word that one right :meh: But I get the feeling people think 50 is too cheap? I just figure it would be a good starting point because A.) I'm not a really proffesional photog...
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    Concert Photography

    I don't find the 50 wide enough sometimes. A hardcore show is so energetic, singers jumping around, synth players and guitarists doing their thing, drummers are full of emotion. I just find that I want to get as close and wide as I can to them, becasue it makes them seem larger than life, and...
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    Concert Photography

    I have a d90 and a 24-70 f/2.8 that i shoot with mainly. Most of the bands I plan on shooting are local hardcore bands, generally no one over the age of 20 or so, so not loads of money to spend on pictures. But the scene is close enough between bands where i can shoot multiple in a night...
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    Concert Photography

    I'm looking into making a small job by shooting local bands if I can, I planned on making a myspace/facebook and then adding the bands, and telling them what i do. I'd have some work uploaded and a link to my flickr as well. My question lies here: What do I do for pricing? They are all...
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    Nikon 24-70 or 24-85 lens decision.

    I bought the 24-70 about a week before spring break. I planned on buying one eventually, and when I found out that I was going to be going to Europe over the break, I decided to get it. I'm not gonna bore you with the sharpness specs and all that, because if you are even considering a lens like...
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    BROKEN TOKINA 12-24!!?? D=

    on the 12-24 (11-16 too) the front element actually slides in and out, not noticable really, becasue the whole front isnt moving. maybe that explains it a little bit better haha
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    Favorite Photographer

    chase jarvis! i guess its a slight cop-out as well, but his lifestyle approach to everything is kinda the same way i shoot. and just the style of his lighting in alot of his work is impressive to me, such as his skiing strobsit sequnces on youtube. shawn michienzi is also a favorite of mine
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    help spend my christmas money :D

    ahh wait, sorry i read the wording on that wrong. my mistake
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    help spend my christmas money :D

    het which one? im assuming the sb600, seing as its in your sig, but it wasnt on my list haha
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    help spend my christmas money :D

    preferable under 400, if i go with the 11-16 or 17-55 i'll keep the money and save up.
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    help spend my christmas money :D

    haa time has come to buy some new toys! i've gotten sick of shotting with my 55-200 (yes, sadly its my only lens), and decided that i ned a new lens, or toys to make shooting less boring. so help me come up with a combo of toys, try to stay around 300-400 i guess 50 f/1.8 -or- 35 f/1.8 DX...
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    Surreality NYC

    the last one is great! the color of the sky is amazing!
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    help me prove a point, thanks :)

    B&H photo is a great dealer, not going to sell any defective products or scam you, someone doesnt believe me trying to prove my point, thanks!
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    Need some Rainy day motivation...

    not sure about during the rain. maybe some portraits? but after a rain i love to macro flowers. check some out on my