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    red and black and white :)

    #1 is cool in an odd way because the scene ends up looking really flat. looks like a toy soldier!... especially with that unusually large light fixture - what's up with that?
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    The Eyes Have It - B&W

    natural? love the shot. the grain really works for it, like the kid's cut out of stone.
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    coronado bridge (large-ish image)

    i stitched it quickly last night, one of the joints is visible at the third column from the left! it was gloomy when i took the photo. there's a color version, but it's not so different. glad that part of the year is over with.
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    coronado bridge (large-ish image)

    hope this works on people's browsers. i wanted to make you scroll across the thing ;) this is one of my favorite things in san diego.
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    the editing makes it great. good job on the silky gradients
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    Urban Style shots in Brighton

    #2 depicts some astonishing architecture!
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    Re: New Rules for Critique

    totally agree with the first paragraph. but what if the submitter wants feedback, but not a "specific level" of feedback, as you say? couldn't they post in the critique area without submitting the extra info? This would allow for more unexpected critiques. If the photo has a problem with...
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    Does anyone use AutoCAD for work?

    yep. autocad skills are definitely marketable. bentley microstation is another similar program which is gaining ground in the industry.
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    considering graduating from the "consumer"-grade camera league

    thanks mike. that was more helpful than i would care to admit! 0_o
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    Why do you take photos?

    media pac-rat. i must have every combination of pixels!
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    hello! also, shipments to turkey??

    thanks hobbes. yeah, it's really different from last year. good to be back! my one big question: where's the smileys? =O
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    considering graduating from the "consumer"-grade camera league

    i'm looking for any suggestions on a new camera. i should start off by saying that i'm digital now and plan on staying that way :P maybe i'll go film when i have enough $$ to keep my own darkroom. what i've got now is a Minolta Dimage Z1, which i'm quite happy with, but i think i'm...
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    how large can I print

    remember to consider how the print will be used also. 300dpi is the quality you need for things that will be viewed very closely, like books and magazines. if the print is always going to be viewed from further away, you can get away with much less. ^---$0.02 :)
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    hello! also, shipments to turkey??

    thanks for the input meysha. we ended up doing ups for $200. but it's sent 0_o
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    Photographers face more vicitimisation in London

    right on mitica, that's just the document (the US one) i was thinking of. ;) i've been wondering for some time, since that document is published by a private lawyer, and in Oregon (a place i'm not familiar with), is there any refute to its validity? I think I would feel more secure if it were...