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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    @Tee : Thanks! Got it written down now. @Helen: I've added those to my list, thanks! Just started Being Elmo .. it has a more serious tone than I thought it would have (in a good way) and it's surprisingly sentimental. It's quite good if any of you are interested in checking it out!
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    I'm definitely going to give The King of Kong a watch and if I can find a good resolution of The Cove it'll be next on my watch list (: I know I saw This Film is Not Yet Rated on Netflix and want to say that I also saw Heckler, so I'll definitely give those two a go one of these nights! Nature...
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    2 insects, CC appereciated

    Agreed! These are very nice shots and I'm sure if you cropped the butterfly one a little, maybe did a rule of thirds composition like bunadski suggested, it'll look even more fantastic (:
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    @rick: I'm watching Bowling for Columbine right now! I took down your other suggestions as well, thanks (: @sam: Gah, unfortunately I couldn't get through Food Inc. (will have to revisit it later) but I'll have to look up this Salatin fellow @molestedcow (lol sweet username :lol:) : I want to...
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    Mendocino Coast & Yellowstone CC

    Personally I find B+W nature photography rarely sticks with me, but 6 is so lovely! I love the angle & composition. 8 is definitely a close second.. Happen to catch any geysers? Makes me want to go to YS right this second instead of waiting for next year, haha.
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    Thanks for contributing guys. I'm looking up a few right now -- definitely saw a few I skipped over on my own -- and have a list to keep me busy for days haha. Just started Food Inc. and it's good so far! @Tee: Good luck with surgery! Hope you make a speedy recovery!
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    Street life San Jose by a stranger's eyes

    I agree with Rick -- 21 is definitely my favorite out of the entire bunch! I'd maybe try and lighten the subject a teeny bit and tone down the overexposed background. Either way, it's still a great shot.
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    ah, thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I'm compiling a list right now and will probably start with Man on a Wire, Hoop Dreams, Food Inc., and The Cove .. even though I'm afraid the last two will kill me, agh.
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    Artsy video....

    The ones they upload may not always be 'artsy', but never fails to host some good clips! Probably one of my favorites so far (too long to embed):
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    @Derrel: oh, awesome suggestion, thanks! that one totally slipped my mind, haha. i'll definitely watch it if i can find it somewhere! @zombiemann: hm, I've never heard of this one before .. I see that they post on youtube, so I'll probably take a look! Thanks for the suggestion (:
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    Some spiders

    oh dear god. i absolutely hate spiders, but 1 & 2 are fantastic! i wouldn't mind having those hanging on my wall .. as prints. no pun intended, haha. if you take more, please post them!
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    drink milk

    i honestly cannot get over how beautiful this is.. definitely noting the Atacama as one of the places i'll need to visit before i die! (:
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    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    Any kind! Historical, political, cultural, crime, nature -- I'm not picky. I've become sort of a night owl since my dog got surgery (6:00 a.m over here as I'm typing this, blah) and I've started picking through the documentary section of Netflix... Appreciate any suggestions if you guys have...
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    Please help me win this contest? You just need to vote! (:

    Well you're embarrassing. lol. You're a little old to be playing middle school dude :roll: I think you'd benefit from rereading Charlie's post. Thanks ~
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    Mount McKinley, Denali Park, Alaska

    Ahh, so late, but thank you very much! You're so lucky to have lived there, that's where we stayed for the first few nights (: We met a lot of people who said they went up for a visit and just never left haha that'll probably be me one day when I go back for another trip when I'm older