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    First Senior Portraits.... cc welcome

    I know I'm coming in a little late, but I've learned that teenage girls (not boys) do SOOO much better with a friend around. They relax, get a little giggley, etc. The friend also comes in handy for hair and make-up touch ups. Boys like a secluded place where nobody can see what's going on ;)
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    Editing in iphoto

    thanks for the input. I need to improve my PhotoShop skills for sure. Im loving the RAW images
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    Editing in iphoto

    Can I do acceptable editing of RAW files in iPhoto? I also have PS Elements Do I have to convert to jpeg before printing or transferring photos (to disc, email, etc) I have just started using RAW, don't know why Ive waited so long :blushing:
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    Ice hockey HELP

    I'll post some shots after the weekend. Thanks so much for the advice, I've done ok in the past, but I know I can do better. I'm used to shooting thru glass, I look for a spot that's not too marked up (usually in the corners). At this level, I wouldn't ask to get onto the bench or penalty box...
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    I`m looking for a good camera bag

    Just got a Tenba messager bag. Lots of room, doesn't look like a camera bag, and mine is purple ;)
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    Ice hockey HELP

    Hey buckster, (in N.MI) My son is thinking about going to Finlandia U (FU)
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    Ice hockey HELP

    Still a noob here, but really appreciate the feedback! I'll post some pics next week
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    Ice hockey HELP

    Great! I know how to set a custom WB, but, like i said, I thought I had to use the ice. I'll pick up a card, and try that for the weekend. Again, my question, if the lighting is poor, will I loose anything going for an ISO 3200? Can I change my shutter speed in AV?, or trust the camera
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    Ice hockey HELP

    I guess I thought I had to use the ice for WB settings... I'll try other options next time
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    Ice hockey HELP

    CNCO, I purchased the 70-200 because of hockey. I couldn't imagine using anything else. (plus, now I use it for almost everything else) Ice Hockey is very difficult when you add in the horrible lighting, white background, and fast motion. Plus, you usually have to shoot thru marked up glass...
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    Ice hockey HELP

    the season has begun! And I have been taking portraits all summer. Went to a game last night at a rink with possibly the worst lighting I have ever experienced. And WOW, these guys are fast!!! Using a 7D (new) with 70-200 2.8 IS. I was late, so didn't get a chance to WB the ice so, my...
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    Is This Normal (Surfer) Behaviour?

    great shots! what gear are you using??
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    Aperture setting

    jumping into this thread... can I use my 50mm 1.4 for shooting a larger group (7-12), if I set to f/4.5, 5.6? If I have enough room to get everyone together, I thought the 50 would work.
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    advice needed!! Big Family shoot this weekend

    I have to find out how many little ones they have. If there are less than 8-10, I could use the big lens or the 50? otherwise, ill rent a wide lens. I was also thinking when they started getting restless, how bout a big Peek-a-boo from everyone? I think the kids are all under 8