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    Snowy Owl

    As far as I know they just winter over , more likely nesting on the Leslie Street Spit .
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    Snowy Owl

    You sir are correct , unfortunately I dont have any prizes . There has been a female snowy at the park for the last few winters and a few long ears as well . Cheers Rob
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    Snowy Owl

    thanks Jeff
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    A few in flights

    Nice , I wish there were more barn swallows around they used to be everywhere . Rob
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    Snowy owl

    Hello I wasnt sure where to post , but I've posted a snowy eating a duck in the video section . Rob
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    The old Osprey

    Very nice , good fishing for an old fella Rob
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    Snowy Owl

    Hello So i've got 4 cameras that can take video and I never do . I decided to try and teach myself how to take video . This is a clip a Snowy owl eating a duck ,likely a mallard and its a bit gruesome . I used all the wrong settings and have learned much more . It didnt turn out too bad and I...
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    Comming in for a landing

    Another good one . They have been near Kirkfield for the last few weeks .
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    We are not amused.

    Nice . She's giving you the look .
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    Comming in for a landing

    Good one , wheres the fish ?
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    Snowy in Breeding Colors

    Great picture
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    Take off!

    very nice , they wont do that for me .
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    If only I knew photoshop better I could add some snow , Thanks for the suggestion . We call the American Goldfinches here .
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    Finally. Some Decent Weather

    very nice
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    It must be Spring

    Thank you for the comments , the funny thing was the young mother trying to explain to her son what was going on .