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    Owners Property

    I think Ryan has the right of it. Seen from public property should be fine with those few exceptions.
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    EPIC Pillow Fight!!

    A lot of geese died to make those shots happen. 'Preciate ya Geese!
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    Photography is helping with my weight loss (70 lbs so far)

    Same here. about 30 lbs. Congrats. It's never easy but worth it.
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    Formula 1 2015 Grand Prix

    Agreed on the rotation. But overall, nice stuff.
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    We have landing, wings down

    Nice Edit. I like them both ways. 3rd shot is my fav though.
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    Mean Joe Green

    I could look at this type of shot all day. Thanks for the share.
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    The security

    Funny how one of them gave you the backside! I guess we know what she thinks of getting a pic taken.
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    Easta Bunny hunter

    I love the 3rd. The profile looking down. Just amazing.
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    Red-tailed Hawk

    They have so much majesty. You caught it well.
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    Night Photography Question (Clarity)

    I think a little earlier is going to be the ticket.
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    Baby's getting bigger

    I agree. The lil guy has lots of personality in these shots. I love the one of him standing up tall!
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    Waiting for the boat

    What an interesting shot. I love that she is wearing tennis shoes. What a great duality.
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    Night skyline

    I agree with the tripod and longer exposure. Nice shot though.
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    Damn Peacock!

    But oh so worth it. Those are great captures.
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    Crumbling defenses

    I don't think the shadow is too much. Very nicely done IMO.