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    Beauty Portraits Selections 2008 by Zec@Work

    Hey Zeck, My bags are packed. I'm movin to Bangkok:drool::drool::drool:

    Photoshoot with Miss El Paso 2008

    Uh uh uh uh duh uh Oh my god!! She is so beautiful :heart::heart: Great shots. I love #1. Oh well, gotta go. She told me to go jump off a bridge.

    Kiss my what!!!

    Just when I thought I have done it all I find a couple of monkeys to teach me a few new tricks. :hug:: Really funny pic. LOL

    Beauty Portraits: Ploy

    Wow, her skin is flawless! Nice shots

    Model shoot [NSFW]

    Number one is the best. number five, clean her feet Get rid of britney

    OMG, She's Topless.....Again!!!!

    I was hoping I would get to check her out over and over, and again and again! Damn! it isn't a Carrera convertible.

    NJ folk festival

    Hi pretty Beth, Looks like she ate one to many bratwursts. LOLOLOL Nice shot, I like the colors of the reflection above there heads. I hope your well. Take care. Tommy

    Cherry Blossoms from Japan

    Hi Pete, That never even came to my mind, honestly. Antarctica was right, I do recall cherry blossom pics, and they were from washington posted a couple of months ago. I think the way you composed one of your shots was similar to the pic a few months back. Thats what I meant. Again, really nice...

    Feedback please!!!

    First of all, I love SUNNY florida. To dark for me. Show me some cheeky bikini, and i'm there. ;)
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    My First Try At Panning.

    Your shots are right on. I want a Carrera!
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    Cherry Blossoms from Japan

    Really beautiful shots. I don't know why, but I feel like I saw these same shots on this forum a couple of months ago. Anyway, nice stuff.
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    What kind of Computer to buy

    Hey atsee, Just buy the Mac!! Leopard blows away vista or xp! The Mac is more intuitive, rock solid against viruses and spyware ( you won't have to worry about buying a virus protection program), the mac will very rarely crash (mine never did in 4 yrs.), plus it boots up in a 3rd of the time...
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    Oh help me!!! DROPLET-infection!!! (7 green pics)

    Great Stuff here Corinna!! I'm setting up my tripod in the kitchen. I want some:wink:
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    Loneliness (B&W or color?)

    Number one is the best of the bunch! Color all the way.
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    How I feel about mondays...

    I have to laugh looking at this big cat:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: I guess the snow isn't bothering him to much. Good shot.:thumbup: