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    Post a picture of yourself

    me and my woman....
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    Buffalo Sabres Training Camp

    Go Sabres!!!!!! Tennessee resident born and raised in Buffalo,
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    I thought about that but I really didn't want to bring the background into perspective that much. Oh well, live and learn
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    Hello, been awhile since I have posted. Life has been hectic to say the least.....Anyway, I had the fortune ... or maybe misfortune depending on how you want to look at it to work on the roof of the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I'm a nut for things that fly and helicopters are one...
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    AMA Open Practice Session - Laguna Seca - 6/08

    It was always my dream to come race Laguna Seca. Too bad my racing days are over, and 4 wheels to 2.. Nice pics though, good color Where were you on the track? one sport or did you move around a bit. My favorite spot is the downhill s curve right after topping the hill at about 180
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    Am I starting to get it?

    all these are very nice. all....
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    couples portrait, C&C please

    #6 #9 #10, #6 being my favorite by far. Very nice composition, and cool PP
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    Brandy & Trent Wedding

    5 7 9 11. I like. & probably 7 the best.
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    My first portraits ever............ please C & C

    very pretty girl, number 5 is really the only one I care for in the first set.....JMHO, 2nd set 2nd and 4th pictures she has the incredible hulk eyes.
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    Experimenting with flash outdoors c&c please

    not bad at all. this is a technique I'm still working to perfect. good job
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    What do you think of this editing? C&C

    man that kid drools.....
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    At the car races

    the Bimmer and the blue Stang are quite nice, very fine images in my book.
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    1 shot from my first wedding

    yeah, I missed focus on one eye, and it was rushed cuz they were ready to get to the reception and it was the last picture. i sure did blow out the dress, but, and I say but lightly but I think in a way it's also kinda cool but I do wish I didn't screw that part up thanks for the feedback...
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    i did just about 5 minutes of PP work to his skin, see what you think
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    Motorcycle Racing

    very nice pictures, what sort of equipment were you using? I would imagine some big glass to get such crisp images, not to mention the 12 inches behind the viewfinder?