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  • Is it acceptable to ask about the value of photography equipment?
    Yes - if it's equipment in your possession, showing photos can help you get better replies.
    Hi, how can I change my username? I've just registered and can't seem to find the option to change it:)
    Hello. New guy here. I have a issue with my account. My birthdate is wrong. Should be 12/31/1989. Thank you in advance.
    Hey terri, how can i apply to access the nsfw forum? i'd love to view and discuss on sfw/nsfw artwork on the forum! thank you.
    when I came here, was told it was already in use, which surprised me. A few days ago, I got the bright idea to check it and found it was me from my PhD days at the University of Alabama... So, I would REALLY like to use that name if possible, but keep my current account. Is this possible? Thanks!

    Mark Lent
    Hi Terri!

    Thanks for offering to help, and I think what happened is that I was asked to be a moderator on the Popular Photography & Imaging forum about the same time, and it sucked me in viscously and consumed all of my available play time. Anyway, I have always used the name "Pixeldawg" online and
    Terri, can you give me access to the NSFW forum please? Most of my work these days is art-nude - not very graphic stuff, but still of the standard that can't be put on Facebook for example.
    Thanks, Brian
    Terri as question for you. I plan to write a book on photography can I reference this site by name or do I have to use a generic “forum “ thanks
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