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  • I terri, like may others my entire name shows up, i would like to change it to show only JPons. Thank you!
    Hi Terri, How do I change my user name to Mike A?
    I'm not sure how this happened but my full name shows up.
    Terri, my name is John and I too am from the mental ward but not here, my ward is at Bellevue!!!
    Anyway could I please have access to the NSFW forum? I promise, I won't scare'm too badly! LoL THANKS and have a Merry Xmas. SS
    How do I opt out of the paid subscription program ? I am going to leave the forum as my time is so limited these days, I can't give it the attention I should.
    Three days ago I tried to sign in, but I am still waiting for my confirmation email. This is my email address: fpomerantz@earthlink.net. Can you please help?

    Thank you.

    Good morning Terri. I'm requesting access to the NSFW forum. My birthdate is listed on my profile.

    Hello Terri. I would like access to the NSFW forum. My birthday is listed on my profile. Thanks, Lincoln.
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