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    A trip to YWP

    Great shots, I agree also that the owl shots are my fave.
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    Okinawa Seawall

    When I try to up the saturation, all it does is make the barriers a more orange color.
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    Okinawa Seawall

    Thank you for the comment, I will have to head back out there for a wider angle shot. It's funny you should say that about the barriers because this is one of the other shots I had from that day haha I wanted to get closer and single in on the one w/ the writing, but i was in nice clothes and...
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    Fight Club - Round 124: Results are in!

    1. Home - JWellman 2. Away - JWellman 3. It moves - Jwellman 4. Focus - TexasAggie07 5. One of Those Days - TexasAggie07 And BTW TexasAggie07........Wreck 'Em Ŧ :D
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    Okinawa Seawall

    C&C would be greatly appreciated
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    Really need some help getting started

    Konnichiwa lol I am loving it here and can't believe i get to spend the next 3 years of my life here :) That does make sense :) Thanks for the input, I will def keep that in mind!! Thanks :) I may have to go by legal! I do want to do it, I love shooting people and I have done it before so...
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    What kind of camera were you using 12 years ago

    I was only 11 then but my mom would always let me use her Minolta x-370. She would give me one roll of film and I would take pics of everything I could, from stuff laying around the house and back yard to family and friends. I was always so excited when we would finally go to town and get the...
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    Really need some help getting started

    I have only really done two photoshoots, and both of them were for really good friends so I didn't charge. I am living in Okinawa Japan since my husband is in the military, so finding a job will be hard and even if I do find one it won't pay well. I was thinking of starting to do photography on...
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    Extreme fishermen

    Thanks for the comment! lol I have just been so frustrated lately because you post photos on here because you want to get better, and 100 people look at them and no one says a single thing. Use to the second you posted a pic people were C&C'ing and you would get a ton of feedback. Now the...
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    Extreme fishermen

    What the heck do you have to do on this forum now a days to get any kind of C&C at all?!?!?!
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    Extreme fishermen

    Both of these were taken at different points of Cape Zanpa, Okinawa, Japan. Both locations are extremely hard to get to but these 2 men didn't care :) This one is about 300 yards out on the coral/rock and it is all very steep and very sharp (i have the cuts to prove it ;) ) 1. This man had...
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    Not sure what kind this is

    I have no idea what kind of plant/flower this is but I thought they were cool looking :) Thanks for looking, C&C greatly appreciated :)
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    Cape Zanpa

    Cape Zanpa, Okinawa, Japan 1. 2. C&C greatly appreciated :)
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    Post the dogs.

    Our dog that became my dad's dog when we move to Japan.....Riley
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    Tattoo fans? Post yours!

    Mine is down my right side and it says hope one way and faith the other I am also planning on getting a traditional Japanese style tattoo while I am living here in Okinawa so i will have to post it when it get it :)