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    Half eaten butterfly

    He's got character, alright. I bet he's the kind of butterfly who sits at butterfly bars and tells stories about his dangerous butterfly adventures. 'I heard he was injured by a cat! Yeah, well, someone told me it was by a dog!' etc. etc.
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    Draw by mouse only

    Haha, yes! Very nicely done, regarding the image - everything is balanced and even, which is often hard to acquire with a pencil.
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    Wind Turbine Farm

    Haha, the 7th one made me chuckle! That's a neat idea. Seeing these really brings me back to California, especially when I was younger and we were driving (whoever knows where) and you could just look out the window and see rolling hills covered in those things. It's an image that sticks with...
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    This is not interesting.............>

    Augh. I still can't get over the dramatic quality of your photos, and furthermore, it's hard not to express my complete envy for your location to these awe-inspiring sights. I can't pick a favorite. The second one is eerie, but the one where we're looking through the hole in the wall captures...
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    Archives: MAY POTM VOTING THREAD!.........>

    Really, really tough decision. I had to sit down and truly jab my brain. So much talent! Aah!
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    Click here if you're sexy..

    The picture is lonely and desolate like my bleak (but sexy?) SOOUUUL. And I love it! The graytone is an especially nice touch.
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    I could look at your lips all day. The lips! THE LIPS! Nothing you haven't heard before, etc. etc. Who needs porn when you have artsy fartsy portrait threads. I mean, uh.. ..look over there! *flees*
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    The Photo Forum's Biggest Fan

    Yes! Sir Granger Thomas is full of many cute factors. However, the quality of the camera I have really, really destroys their value. But I can still post pictures of him, from when he was a wee kitten and being bottlefed to now: "Durr!" The best place to sleep is my shoulder, apparently...
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    Micah. ... Pardon me while I take a moment to fan myself off.
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    The Photo Forum's Biggest Fan

    Haha, that's correct! Thanks everyone. :wink:
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    The Photo Forum's Biggest Fan

    If only my camera weren't so.. crappy, I think this would be worthy of something! Haha, his name is Sir Granger Thomas, and he loves The Photo Forum (or the mouse arrow, I can't tell!).
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    Haha! Everybody, altogether now: one, two, three - AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWgag. =P Hee, but seriously, it's a nice shot! Very sneaky.
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    Tiny Feet

    I like the darker version as well, although all the little lines and creases on the feet are really interesting and fun to look at. The darker version has more intrigue, and the front focus makes it more tender.
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    More art! Crikey!

    Ah, thank you very much. =) I must admit, Becky, that I am most happy with the first one m'self. Took long enough at least.
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    Violation of any Degree is still Violation.

    Man, guys.. I think we all - if not now, then later - have stories relating to that sense of violation and loss. I'm sorry to read them, and appreciate the kind gestures of relation and good thoughts. The pain is felt all around. Domino gunshot.