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    Sue B+W

    Can't beat window light! Nice B&W!
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    Fun Family Shoot in park.

    Looks pretty damn good to me. Keep shooting!
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    A couple bridal shots from Sunday...

    Thanks Mecal! :thumbup:
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    A couple bridal shots from Sunday...

    Thanks for the feedback folks!
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    A couple bridal shots from Sunday...

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    Thank you! I tried cropping out the column and wasn't sure that the photo had the same impact. As cloudwalker stated, the mirror gets cut off and things seem awfully different. Maybe I should try burning in the column a bit. Do you think I could get away with that? Thanks! Thank you! You...
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    Is this thing on...

    Welcome! :thumbup:
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    From my first bridal shoot yesterday. Thanks for looking! :thumbup:
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    Thanks folks!
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    Recent bride.

    These are from a wedding I assisted yesterday. General critique is welcomed. Thanks!
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    Gear for sale!

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    Gear for sale!

    Camera Model: Canon T1i Approximate age of Body: 9 months Body Condition: B- Number of Shutter actuations: 17,146 Sale Includes: Body cap, Opteka grip (C- condition), box, warranty card, paperwork, and promaster camera bag ---------------------------------------------- Lens Model: Canon EF 85mm...
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    Which camera for product photgraphy?

    I use to rock a Canon G9 and absolutely loved it! That's my biased vote. :lol: