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    Glacier Mountain Goat

    Taken in July
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    Snowy Buffalo

    This guy was hunkered down with in impending snow storm and 20+ mph winds.
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    Long hiatus . . . bighorn

    Thank you all!
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    Female Snowy

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    Long hiatus . . . bighorn

    It's been sometime since I've posted, but I've been active taking photos. Here's one of my favorites from 2019.
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    Recently moved to Texas, and of course, had to go out and find the state animal which wasn't too hard at all. Enjoy! 1. 2.
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    5d4 vs 1DX (which one to buy)

    Which one yall? Will be used for wildlife/bird photography. Want excellent low light and ability to use high iso (6400+). Is newer 5d4 (30mp) really any better than the older 1Dx (18mp)??
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    Canon 1DX II or Better lens

    I can’t stress enough the difference of high quality glass. When I made the switch from a 300mm f4 IS USM (which is a great lens) to the 500mm f4 IS USM the difference was incredible. Glass wins for me.
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    Last Few Months

    Thank you all for the nice comments!
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    Last Few Months

    One more!
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    Last Few Months

    Been away for a bit. Life. But I've still managed to get out on Saturdays to do some shots. Enjoy! 1. Great Blue Heron 2. Banded Hen Pintail 3. Drake Pintail 4. Cormorant and Turtle 5. Sunrise 6. Bonus Fox pup from the spring
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    Eastern Shore of Maryland

    Nice. Looks like Blackwater.
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    Layers (Thun Lake - Switzerland)

    I like color. Great scenery.