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    Wanted to try a new location in Ottawa for car photography

    Updated the editing a little bit
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    Wanted to try a new location in Ottawa for car photography

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Anyway, lately I've been looking into doing car photography but I've gotta build a portfolio. Here's a shot I did today with my moms car, and I got a few other photos, but I like this one!
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    Any idea on how I can fix the aperture ring on my lens?

    Hey guys I couldn't explain it with text, so i made a video.
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    A couple car photos I took with my phone

    I was in Toronto and didn't have my camera but I did have my iPhone 4S + Google Snapseed so these are what I came up with!
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    Question about Celebrity-shooters

    Why are paparazzi allowed to sell photos of celebrities without release forms from the celebrity?
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    Coffee House (C&C)

    Anyone? -Ken Turner
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    Coffee House (C&C)

    Long time no post! Again........ Anyway my school had a coffee house last night and I took some shots for fun. I mostly didn't use flash (by request) but the few times that I did use flash, the people on stage later told me they didn't notice, so I'll probably use one next time. I think the...
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    Is this impossible?

    I find that a 2-second delay will work fine. Stop down to probably f/11, ISO maybe.... 400(don't know how powerful your lights are, but I'll guess this)? And then choose shutter speed based off that. If you have IS in a lens, TURN IT OFF. And I don't see how you could get any problems. Are you...
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    Time lapse from SoCal back to Vegas

    if you shoot at night, stabilize it more and use a longer shutter speed instead. It will look a lot nicer. Also just speed it up to at least 24p. then it won't be very choppy.
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    Fun video

    I would have done some more complex editing instead of just tilts and pans. some shorts were a little long and boring. I only watched the first one.
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    Cars & Coffe

    Sure I guess it's an alright video. But doesn't match the event. Panning is done well but the music just kills the video. This isn't a wedding, you should have had some engine noises maybe -Ken Turner
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    Cars & Coffe

    Cars and coffee is a company that hosts meets in different cities. I guess there isn't one in Atlanta, so they have to have a different name -Ken Turner
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    Ottawa Ferrari Fest 2013 [C&C]

    thoughts from anyone else?
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    Ottawa Ferrari Fest 2013 [C&C]

    It's a 2.8-4. And thanks!! I'm pretty sure that was my sharpest one. Most others had small motion blur on the car :/ -Ken Turner
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    For Sale: Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6

    Nobody? -Ken Turner