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    Canon EOS XS, 18-200 EFS IS, 18-55 EFS IS, 70-300 A+++ QUALITY!

    bump...price reduction and pics: FS: ** PRICE REDUCED ** Canon Gear Sale Camera Lenses - FM Forums
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    Canon EOS XS, 18-200 EFS IS, 18-55 EFS IS, 70-300 A+++ QUALITY!

    Up for sale is some pristine equipment. All the following items are spotless and VERY well taken care of. Every lens has had a UV filter on it since the moment it came out of the box. All items OBO. For sale: Canon EOS XS/1000D DSLR Camera (Still has rear LCD plastic wrap on, 2 batteries and...
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    External Flash

    If you are on a budget I would suggest a Used 430Ex for about $200 here: And to trigger it off camera, I use a very inexpensive system that has...
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    I need opinions on camera for product sale shots... I hate my Kodak.

    You can get the D70S for less than 300 then pick up a decent lens for another 200 or so... Used and New: Nikon D70S 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) Like bitter said , definetly pick up understanding exposure.. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great...
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    D7000 Price hike?

    Ill sell you my d7000
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    Lens hood

    A lens hood is essential when shooting towards the sun with some lenses. It prevents or helps to prevent what is called sunflare in this situation. For example, my Nikkor 35-70 F 2.8D is very prone to horrendous sunflare, without my lens hood, I would be effed when shooting towards the suns...
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    What you guys think about this Picture C&C

    Id crop out the railing on the bottom .. I think it would look great
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    wide angle lens

    Consider a Sigma 10-20... It is a great wide angle lens.. For the cost, it is very much worth it. People love this little guy.. Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras: Camera & Photo
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    Manfrotto 290 series tripod review (MT293A4)

    nice looking tripod for the money. def need to work on your video skills though. Manfrotto MK293A4-A0RC2 293 Aluminum Compact Tripod Kit with Ball Head with Quick Release: Camera & Photo
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    A little inspiration for you guys who shoots or want to shoot weddings

    Seen this on FM, awesome photographer. Everyone here should really appreciate you taking the time out to share this. THanks.
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    Advice on flash.

    I envy your knowledge ninjaness good sir
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    What do you guys do to stay in shape?

    Dont eat sh!+.... I use to wrestle and train in muay thai and jiu jitsu for 4 years.. Once I started my sophmore year in college last year I had to stop everything so I could work full time and go to school full time.. I havent even so much lifted a 3lb weight since then and have remained the...
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    Best Photography Books

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    When I was done I ate it.

    *Edit I took away my crude comment about a bogey beef sandwhich