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    Absolute beginner - Mamiya msx 500

    Hmm, I think ASA and DIN were replaced by ISO long time ago. But in fact this camera is so old it is still calibrated in ASA and DIN. No problem. ISO and ASA are identical.
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    "The Road Less Traveled..."

    Good for print like 11x14 and on the wall ! Everyone will look.
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    Absolute beginner - Mamiya msx 500

    You maybe beginner, your camera is not. Check for camera integrity. If it fires on all speeds, if it closes all aperture settings, if lens has no fungus inside, if there is no rust inside the camera (where you put the film), if light seals look ok. It would be good to have some unwanted film and...
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    Delta 400 vs T-Max 400

    Go with Delta, easier to master.
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    "The Crazy Tree In The Park..."

    Same as manaheim. Very nice rendering !!
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    Experimenting with Acros

    Looks very nice !
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    Paris by Night a la 4x5

    Nice. Thanks.
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    geometry & politics

    Same as terri above.
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    Well done !
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    Weeping Heart

    Keep experimenting.
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    "Organic Decay In Winter…”

    I like it. It looks a bit overworked as a photograph, but very nice as a pure digital graphics.
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    I don't really know, what I am dealing here with. Probably I am not alone.
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    100 ft of expired film...

    If you have nerve of steel, good imagination, non sweating hands and bathroom without the window, you can load your cartridges without bulk loader. In any case, careful with bulk loaders, often they need edges to be smoothed in order to not to scratch film.
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    Leading the Way

    The leader is a bit fuzzy, but isn't it with most leaders nowadays ?