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    Studio Lights

    I use Alien Bees in studio and they're fantastic. No complaints. However, I'm beginning to do more and more newborns/infants and I'd like to get some continuous lighting just for these shoots. Currently looking at the Spiderlites and wondering why you've not been happy with them?
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    Picked up the prints!!

    They look great, Judi! I'm sure they're gonna look fantastic on the wall and make wonderful conversation starters!
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    Snowy Pond

    I hate winter and I hate snow. I'm so ready for some heat! But here's a winter landscape shot anyway...
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    Seamless Background Mounting Kit Question

    Thanks Derrel, I think that might work for me!
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    Seamless Background Mounting Kit Question

    I've been using the basic two stands and crossbar system for a while now. It works and it's fine. But it's a real pain to swap rolls during a shoot. So I'm considering the following kit or something similar: Impact Wall Mounting Kit for Holding Three Seamless BGDS-K3 B&H My issue however, is...
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    Maria, in case you haven't seen it, there is a thread on here somewhere where people have posted pics of themselves.
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    Exactly. I'm 53 and when I see people my age they look like they're 60 or 70. Then I think, geez, do I look like that! Probably. Anyway, happy birthday Maria!
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    Mr Rabbit's Birthday Dinner

    Mmmmmm...steak. You're a good wife, Pixel! Hope you guys have a great time!
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    Thanks for all the comments. Yeah, I probably could have whitened her teeth a bit more. I try to err on the side of realism - maybe I erred too much? Actually, I think I did pretty well with her teeth considering this is what I started with...
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    I haven't been here in a while so I thought I would drop by and see what was going on. I've mostly been doing infant portraits and architectural photography this winter. But here is one from a senior session I did a little while back. Yeah, I know it's a tight crop - that's me and it's what I...
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    It's Cowboy Day

    For some reason it's cowboy day at preschool and this is what my wife put together for our grandson.
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    I have way too much fun making fun of my grandson.
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    Anyone wanna go on vacation with me?

    Excellent point, Ron! You just did. Now, let's talk gas money...
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    Anyone wanna go on vacation with me?

    Where's your sense of adventure? Think of all the fresh air! Ok, now I am truly offended. Not really.
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    Anyone wanna go on vacation with me?

    I'm driving!