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  • Hey John, I help coordinate a relatively large (4,000+ member) Meet-up group in the Washington DC area for photographers (called Shutterbug Excursions). Would you be interested in doing a Zoom presentation for our group some evening? I was thinking that your veterans project could be interesting.

    I was directed by one of the friends in fredmiranda forum regarding " wedding photography opportunities in Canada ". Can i dm you ?

    Same here. Every time I try to post in a thread or try to start a new thread I a get a Server Error message.
    what's going on with the site? 10AM CST 22Nov Nothing posted since about 3PMCST yesterday. Just errors
    I posted in my site in the personal website section, I thought that would be ok, it looks like the description of the forum fit..........
    Hi dear
    I feel great honor to contact you , this is May from TOMTOP Ltd in China.
    Currently ,we make promotion for some good cameras.
    Are you interested in joining us ? We can have cooperation
    You can reply me at sales02@tomtop.com

    l look forward to your early reply.

    Hello there. I saw your signature and went to the TPF Mentor thread. Are you still taking students? I'd loved to learn from someone whit experience
    Hey John - I saw some of your boudoir feedback in another thread and loved it. I was wondering if you would mind taking a look at my post - would love to hear your thoughts.
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