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    Plum Island

    was using a crappy sigma 400mm lens, as you can see, not the sharpest thing in the world
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    Plum Island

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    Garden Flowers

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    Some Infrared

    From my roof Panorama from my roof Smart's Mountain, Canaan, NH
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    Woodland Camp

    A little gathering spot with fire pit and log benches.
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    Morning Birds

    More birding a couple of days ago in mid morning, and saw and heard numerous species including the indigo bunting, black and white warbler, common yellow throat, chestnut sided warbler, red-eyed vireo, and Swainson's Thrust to name a few. Chestnut-Sided Warbler Common Yellow Throat
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    Plum Island

    Went birding here a while back and saw some nice birds including all 3 species of North American Merganser (hooded, common and red-breasted), Northern Pintail, Gadwall, and Green-winged teal. Also Canadian, Snow and Ross's Geese* among others. Northern Pintail Red-Wing Blackbird Canada's
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    D5o Infrared White Balance

    So i got the Hoya R72 and this is a noticable difference, especially in camera. However, the problem that I'm getting is, the WB is what I want it to be for the Red Blue Channel swap but when I open them in photoshop they go orange or red again.. And yes I have been shooting in RAW
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    D5o Infrared White Balance

    Ok, so I got this opteka R72 infrared filter for my nikon d50 and im using the nikon nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens. I can't get the WB right for whatever reason. It's either pinkish or just B&W. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get the sephia tone? So far Ive tried WB'ing on grass using...
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    Blue Jay

    time of year, given location and lack of the striping/spotting on the chest as well as other dark marks
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    Blue Jay

    Location location location, Juvenile Western Scrub-Jay. Likely the interior sub-species
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    How NOT to deal with a Timber Wolf

    Agreed, as well as the local humane or animal protection agency.
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    Blue Jay

    Where are you from, because that is certainly not the American [Common] Blue Jay
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    Don't let your Dog see

    C&C Please
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    On the Wing